MySpace Music Launches Without EMI - An In Depth Look
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MySpace Music - 5 Winners & 5 Losers

Myspace_music_3 The devil is in the unrevealed and perhaps even un-negotiated details of the just announced MySpace Music joint venture with the major labels. But already some clear winners and looers are already emerging.


  1. Hits MySpace - Users will stay on the site and viewing ads longer and music adds a new revenue stream.
  2. SonyBMG, Universal, and WMG - They get to sell stuff where the fans already are.
  3. Facebook & Other Social Networkers - This deal is not exclusive and talks with labels just got easier now that a framework is in place.
  4. Music 2.0 Entrepreneurs - Thanks to Google open social indie content providers can offer competing services alongside the official offers. (or can they?)
  5. Fans - The music you love and your friends all in one place.


  1. Thumbsdown_3 Indie artists and labels - The majors are partner's in this deal; so don't assume that others will get a fair shake. Remember SnoCap?
  2. imeem and iLike - They'll have to adapt or risk serving only hard core music heads.
  3. EMI - Sure they'll end up joining in, but coming late to the party doesn't make them look good particularly at a time when everyone is watching.
  4. Download Stores - Unless iTunes, Amazon and others start feeling more like music destinations, people (particularly young ones) will be attracted to grabbing music where they discovered it.
  5. Fans - With the major labels co-owning the delivery platform; they're free to raise prices, set priorities and abuse data.