Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review: Blogs Rule, MTV Digital, OurStage & Much More
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Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: MySpace Music Service, SonyBMG UK, Flash Drives & Much More

Myspace > MySpace is reportedly exploring an ad supported free music service with all four major labels. (PaidContent)  Details are sketchy and its unclear if this would be a new SprialForg/We7 type download experiment or a streaming subscription style service. (I'm guessing the later) But MySpace has the ears and labels would be foolish to not add them to the music delivery mix.

Sonybmg_2 > The UK head of SonyBMG claims he sees better times ahead because the company is  focusing on diversification beyond CD sales as well as good old fashion A&R. "We've done it by doing something the industry has lost sight of a bit - focusing on our core of finding, signing and developing new artists," Ged Doherty told The Guardian. Sony BMG UK had seven new performers who hit #1 in 2007.

> Aerosmith to get its own version of the popular Guitar Hero game.

> Live Nation bought a 65% controlling share in Mirage Productions the largestRadio_tower concert promoter in Dubai. (press release)

> A new
FCC proposal would allow small day-time only AM stations to use FM translators to spread their signals. Some argue that would hurt new Low Power FM community broadcasters. (ars)

> A look at the growing use of flash drives as music release format (PC World)

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