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Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Download Tax, $1.5 CD Burn Fine, "Luddite And Paranoid" & Much More

Money_2 > A digital download tax is gaining momentum in Indiana and Nebraska.

> A bill before Congress would fine people who burned downloads to CD as much as $1.5 million. The RIAA of course supports it. (ars) OK, so I'll keep it in my iPod.

> "Luddite and paranoid - Why The Big Record Companies Failed At Digital" an interview with Martin Mills. (Register) He forgot fat and lazy.

> PassAlong is in partnership with Signifi Solutions developers of digital kiosks to bring the "digital content experience" to retail stores. (press release) Why buy music online in the comfort of your home when you can go down to a retail store and do it?

> Rykodisc is celebrating 25 years with 5 free downloads from its catalog each month. (OurDigitalMusic) 25 years is an eternity in the music business. Congrats Ryko!...even if you've changed hand 37 times.

> 1000 MTV Network freelancers will get permanent positions. (Gawker)Madonna

> Madonna reportedly got paid $10 million to do a Super Bowl ad. Click below and watch it after the jump.

> Amazon is buying digital book, magazine and radio show distributor Audible for $300M. (Engadget)

> Spain leads Europe in illegal downloading. (Billboard)

Kcrwlogo_lores > LA's KCRW- FM goes 2.0 with a new audio and video web based player the enables listeners to access playlists, subscribe to podcasts, embed content on blogs, buy a CD or book and share links. (KCRW player beta)

> Sequoia Media Group has licensed its aVinci Experience line to  WMG, Rhino, Sony BMG, Walt Disney Records and EMI. The software and site give provides the ability to legally synchronize licensed titles to fan created productions including slideshows and full motion DVDs. Sequoia claims to now have the industry’s largest library of pre-licensed popular and royalty-free music available for personal use. (press release)