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Staff Cuts Continue At Sony BMG


Sony BMG Global Digital & U.S. Sales has cut 25 jobs on the physical distribution side, 8 staffers in the finance department and the retail coordinators staff was cut in half, according to Billboard.

Last month's cuts at Sony BMG's Columbia included:

  • Stephanie Gayle. Marketing VP
  • CeCe McClendon, SVP Urban
  • Gary Fisher, Video Promotion
  • Maggie Wang, Publicity
  • Tom Muzquiz, Publicity
  • Ron Wilcox, EVP Business & Legal SonyBMG

Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Universal Earnings Drop, "Bad Days" At WMG, Amazon Pepsi Ads & Much More


Don't miss yesterday's piece: "Is The Tipping Point Toast? Music Marketing Needs To Change...Again". Its getting some strong reactions. (Hypebot)

Universal > Universal reported that earnings we're down 5% in the last quarter of 2007 and 1.7% for the year overall.  (Guardian) The Good news: Digital sales were up 54%.

> As expected Swedish prosecutors have indicted Pirate Bay. (AFP)

> Another stock market analysts sees "Bad Days Ahead For Warner Music". (Seeking Alpha) WMG's earnings call is Feb. 6th.

> A new NPD study says that 70% of kids ages 9-14 are downloading music with 49% using iTunes and 26% favoring Limewire. (press release) Call me crazy, but I'll bet those Limewire kids are a lot more active downloaders.

Pepsi > On OurDigitalMusic you can watch the Pepsi and Amazon mp3 giveaway Super Bowl ads featuring Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Missy Elliott, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Macy Gray.

> The Digital Watermarking Alliance is going to demonstrate the DRM replacement before Congress. (Listening Post)Riaa_toiletpaper_2

> THE RIAA FOLLIES: A Federal Magistrate suggest sanctions against RIAA lawyers. And RIAA chief Cary Sherman says they see no need for mandatory ISP filtering even as Verizon and others say they won;t do it without being required to by law. (ars)

> The Copyright Royalty Board has turned its attention to mechanical royalties. (FMQB)

> Madonna topped Forbes Magazine's Top 20 female earners in the music industry. (Forbes)

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Help Wanted- Junior Manager

In an effort to give back a little to an industry that has given me so much, I post music industry job openings for free here on Hypebot.  Please send me any positions you may need filled.

Help_wanted Manager Davis Jones (Walter Meego, who has a record coming out on Sony/Columbia label Almost Gold) is looking for a junior manager to work with developing artists.


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Is The Tipping Point Toast? Music Marketing Needs To Change...Again

Tipping_point For the last several years, the concepts laid out in the best selling book "The Tipping Point" have driven marketing campaigns in general and music marketing in particular.  But new studies raise serious questions about the validity of the book's core theories.

The Tipping Point particularly touted the importance of Influentials - well-connected individuals who amplify trends by sharing their opinions with their social networks.  Just get these trend-setters on board and the rest will follow.  It's a seductive concept particularly in the viral interconnected world of social MySapce, Facebook, Twitter, imeem and the entire social networking universe.


Merely arguing that influence spreads like a disease isn't enough, marketing researcher Duncan Watts told Fast Company. Diseases spread in many different ways...

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Wednesday's News Roundup From MIDEM

The latest news from Cannes as the world's largest international music convention continues.

Midem2008_1 “The hottest thing at Midem this year is not a thing but an emotional shift. The shift in mindset amongst the attendees that digital models are there to be explored and nurtured and the shift in optimism that the music industry has a great opportunity to reinvent itself more along the lines of a service to the two people that matter most, the Artists and the Fans." - Steve Purdman, CEO WE7 @ MIDEM

  • Thursday is the last day, so the action has shifted from announcements to serious networking and new deal making.
  • The Financial Times calls the tone at this year's conference "restrained". (FT)
  • But there's nothing restrained about Qtrax. Despite a failed launch continued to spend lavishly including a second party headlining LL Cool J.
  • The Orchard and Chinese mobile provider ZTE made a deal to add Orchard tracks to its mobile music catalog. (press release)
  • The full text of U2 manager Paul McGuinness' controversial speech at MIDEM.
  • Our Midem updates from Monday and Tuesday

"My hope is that the fundamental economic model... if it catches fire, all types of music forms will exist. It will be a renaissance of creativity. And it should be a lot more fun." - Peter Gabriel @ MIDEM

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Yahoo Cuts 1000, SonyBMG Up On Amazon & Much More

Yahoo > Yahoo says profits fell 23% (and its stock followed). The company also confirmed that it will cut 1000 jobs. (San Jose Mercury News) Sources say the entire music division is in flux.

> You'll find most of SonyBMG's catalog up already on Amazon MP3 ahead of the Jan. 31st deadline.  Some just have full album downloads available and promising "Coming Soon" single tracks.

> EU court says ISP do not have to name file sharers. (Reuters UK)

> Universal and Sony team on digital licensing in Asia and India. (DMW)

> Co-head of ICM's digital group Michael Kernan has stepped down to launch a company specializing in internet content. (Hollywood Reporter)

> Harve Pierre is named president of P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records. (FMQB)Iphone

> More than a quarter of iPhones are unlocked and working on networks other than AT&T. (Reuters) THE TAKE AWAY MESSAGE: Control doesn't work anymore. Stop trying.

EMI and NY Daily News To Give Away Downloads

Ny_daily_news_2 The New York Daily News and EMI will offer free music downloads.  The deal will give Daily News readers the opportunity to download three free songs of their choice from a selection of over 120,000 top EMI tracks.

Each copy of the Daily News on Super Bowl Sunday (2/3) and Grammy Sunday (2/10) will include an insert printed with a unique access code that will allow readers to search and download the music of their choice by visiting www.NYDailyNews.com. Included is exclusive a access to Ringo Starr’s unreleased track “It’s Love” from the new studio album “Liverpool 8.”

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Was Qtrax Debut Just A Stock Manipulation Scheme?

Qtrax Qtrax was the rising star of the music industry on Monday morning. But 24 hours later after all four major labels denied having deals with the company Qtrax was labeled by some as a pariah.

Why would a company fly Don Henley and James Blunt to Cannes for a splashy launch that many estimate cost $1-$1.5 million knowing that the major label deals they were touting were not in place? Some observers see it as a negotiating tactic.  imeem and several other Music 2.0 companies built large audiences without deals in place and leveraged those audiences into additional financing and agreements with record labels and publishers. But none to my knowledge - and certainly not imeem - ever claimed to have agreements that didn't exist.

Qtrax_free Another explanation may be stock manipulation. Qtrax is controlled by Brilliant Tech Corp (BLLN) who's penny stock has languished at 5 cents for more than a year.  But on Monday rafter the announcement the price almost doubled to 9 cents before falling back to a 4.5 cents after revelations from the label.s  And now speculators willing to gamble that Qtrax will complete the deals have raised the stock to 5.5 cents.

Qtrax has struggled for more than two years to create a model acceptable to the record labels.  Was this a desperation move to return value to early investors? Who, if anyone profited?  These are questions that hopefully will be investigated in the coming weeks.

  • Background and other Qtrax news here.
  • What do you think?

Latest News Updates From MIDEM

The actions continues in Cannes at the world's largest music industry gathering.

"For ISPs in general, the days of prevaricating over their responsibilities for helping protect music must end"  - Paul  McGuiness, manager of U2 @ Midem

  • Midem2008_1 U2's manager called for technology companies from Dell and Oracle to ISP's to start "sharing their enormous revenue" with singers and songwriters. (IHT)
  • Qtrax's botched launch was the talk of the confab. We've got the latest updates here.
  • UK's 7Digital has grabbed almost $9M in funding to take its digital download service into the US and other parts of Europe. Mobile and lossless downloads are in the future as well (cNet UK)
  • More guesses on the average price Radiohead got during its pay what you want experiment. (PaidContent)
  • YouTube's co-founder Chad Hurley calls in the EU to make licencing easier. “I think the EU has (taken some steps) but, if anything, it’s actually made things worse." (PaidContent)
  • Here's yesterday's news from Midem and MidemNet.

Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Ezmo Goes Mobile, imeem Buys Anywhere, Qtrax Quivers, WMG Earnings Call & Much More

> Online music player Ezmo has added a the capacity to listen to your music collection via mobile.

Emilogo_small_2 > EMI and PassAlong Networks have partnered to create ChristianDigitalStore.com a white label service to enable retailers, churches, brands and other organizations to create an online presences to sell digital downloads, books, bibles and more. (press release)

Imeem > Social networker imeem has acquired Anywhere.FM a service that enables fans to load their entire music library to the web, listen anywhere and share it with friends. (press release)

> Qtrax continues to get skewered in the press for its botched launch. But those that have tried the interface like it despite the lack of downloads.  We've got the latest here.

> The Tubes and Persuasions have signed digital distribution arrangements with Wolfgang's Vault. (press release)

> Swedish prosecutors are closing in on Pirate Bay. (InfoWorld)

> Live music has legs: Two articles point to strong new classical music scene in New York City (NY Magazine via Daily Swarm) and club scene in Boston (Globe)

Wmg > Warner Music Group will report financial results for the three months ending 12/31 on Wednesday and a conference call that morning at 8:30 a.m. ET. To access the conference call dial 800-857-2625 or 210-234-6601. The passcode for the call is "Warner Music." You can replay the conference call at 888-566-0618 or 203-369-3076. The call will also be available via webcast at www.wmg.com.

> Nebraska is considering a tax on downloads. (Omaha Herald)

UPDATE 2: Qtrax Launch Delayed As All 4 Majors Deny Deals

Qtrax_screen_shot_2UPDATE 2:

Qtrax is now live, but without any downloadable content until deals with the majors are completed.  After the jump you can read the full text of Qtrax latest attempt at spin. (Why would a label want to license to these people?)

Most of press continues to skewer Qtrax over the botched launch though a few consider it a planned stunt. And despite the inability to download tracks, the payer and interface are getting good reviews.

The splashy launch of Qtrax promised for midnight has been delayed but will launch "soon" according to a spokesperson for the company.

Meanwhile all four major label groups have publicly stated that they have no real deal Qtrax.  But Qtrax CEO Allan Klepfisz seems unfazed  telling CNET News.com that his company may not have agreements "written in stone," but that it doesn't mean Qtrax is without the labels' consent. "This is a tempest in a tea cup," Klepfisz said. "It's true, some of the deals may not be locked in ink, but it's also true that we had understandings. In some cases, we had endorsements."

Klepfisz said Qtrax Web will probably debut with music from all four majors despite comments from some labels to the contrary  "...Nobody has threatened us with a thing," Klepfisz said. "We plan to release music the way we said we were."

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Exclusive Interview With RoyaltyShare's Steve Grady

Royaltyshare_3 Music industry technology provider RoyaltyShare has launched a new lower cost direct digital distribution platform for independent record labels which could eliminate the need for digital aggregators like The Orchard and IODA. (full Royalty Share story here).  Just prior to today's announcement I spoke to RoyaltyShare president and COO Steve Grady from MIDEM about the new potentially game changing service.

Steve_grady Record label skepticism over the value of 10-30% fees and long term contracts demanded by many digital distributors has been growing in recent months. "The business is changing almost daily and labels need their options open and keep control," says Grady. At a time when revenues are shrinking "labels also need to monitor their costs". He also questions why "labels should be paid quarterly by distributors who receive money monthly".

RoyaltyShare will charge 5% for the new service. "Our standard deal is a year and labels don't need to be royalty processing customers to use the distribution service," he states. Many distributors demand multi-year contracts at higher rates.

Grady still sees a place for some digital aggregators,  "Everyone in the industry must find their own value proposition. Some niche labels maybe be better served by the aggregators...

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Midem & MidemNet News Roundup

Midem2008_1_2UPDATED: The music industry action shifts to Cannes this week and music's top international trade fair MIDEM as well as its sister digital gathering MidemNet.

Here's a roundup of the news and announcements so far:

  • Sony Ericsson has signed deals with Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, The Orchard, IODA, The PocketGroup, Hungama, X5Music, Bonnier Amigo and VidZone for its PlayNow mobile download service.
  • China promises to crackdown on internet piracy.

"People are prepared to pay for quality. As long as we keep screwing around with our audience, we aren't going to win," - veteran UK concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith @ MidemNet.

"The majors have changed the way they market music, now they have to work out how to change the music that they market," - Steve Greenberg, CEO, S-Curve Records @ MidemNet

  • Indies and indie trade groups in at least 10 markets are joining together of a worldwide Independence Day music promotion
  • A year after its launch at MIDEM '07 Merlin, a global rights body for independents, has opened its doors to labels, music distributors and aggregators at no cost
  • SonyBMG execs say that 2009 will be the tipping point for digital music and back unlimited download services

“It’s not about suing consumers anymore, it’s about serving them; music is not being devalued, it’s being revalued.” - Ted Cohen, TAG @ MidemNet

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Bronfman Get $3.4M, Amazon Goes International, Qtrax, MIDEM & More

Edgar_bronfman_sims > Despite declining sales WMG CEO Edgar Bronfman's compensation last year totaled $3.4 million. (AP)

> The weekend's big story was the now delayed launch of P2P Qtraxdenial of the 3 of the 4 majors that they even have deals with the service. with 25-30 million legal and supported tracks and then the We'll be following the story throughout the day here.

> Amazon announced that it will begin selling mp3's via its international sites later this year. (InfoWorld)

> The action shifts to Cannes this week and the MIDEM international music industry conference.  We've got a roundup of Midem news and announcements so far.

> Jason Fry of the Wall Street Journal chronicles the death of the album.

> RoyaltyShare is providing an alternative to digital aggregators with a new 5% distribution service. We have an exclusive interview with President and COO Steve Grady.

RoyaltyShare Adds Digital Distribution, Expands Beggars Deal

Royaltyshare_2Read an exclusive interview with RoyaltyShare President and COO Steve Grady here.

RoyaltyShare, a provider of technology services to the music industry, has announced a new web-based platform for managing and distributing digital music. The service, which could offer serious competition to digital aggregators like The Orchard and IODA, provides labels and distributors with a lower cost way of managing the digital sales process including metadata, encoding, storage and delivery to retailers.

When combined with the company's royalty processing service, labels can manage the entire digital sales cycle through RoyaltyShare.  Traditional digital aggregators do not offer comprehensive royalty processing.

The new RoyaltyShare service targets record labels and small distributors looking for an alternative to costs and restrictions imposed by...

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WMG, Universal, EMI and Sony BMG Deny Qtrax Deals plus Commentary

Qtrax_2 UPDATED: Qtrax's announcement on Sunday that it was launching its ad supported download service at midnight with music from all four major labels may have been premature or at the very least misleading.  Warner, Universal and EMI are denying deals with Qtrax. Only Sony BMG has not commented.

Wmg_2 “Warner Music Group has not authorized the use of our content on Qtrax’s recently announced service," WMG spokesman Will Tanous told Silicon Valley Insider.  The LA Times is reporting that EMI also has no deal. Sources at Universal Music Group say they have no agreement with QTrax either, but is "very, very close to one".

Now Sony BMG has joined the other services in saying it does not have a deal with Qtrax, according to a source.

Universal_2COMMENTARY: If Qtrax chooses to launch - as thy now say they will -  content from WMG, EMI, Universal and Sony BMG, it could find itself in legal hot water.  But this strategy has been used in recent months by several music 2.0 services who have used major label content to build an audience and leveraged that audience into funding and deals with the labels.  Stay tuned...

MORE: The latest on the Qtrax launch

Qtrax Launches Legal Free P2P With 4 Majors & 25 Million Tracks


Qtrax Qtrax launches today making available 20-30 million tracks floating around on P2P's available for free and legal download via its new ad supported service. All four major labels have signed on.

Users download and launch a player that runs ads while they search for and download tracks.  DRM prevents the tracks from being burned and counts the number of times a sonGeneric_headphone_computerg is played to pay the rights holders.  But the tracks can be stored onto the computer hard drive or transfered to portable players.

Two help users navigate through 30 million tracks, the site also has sections like 'Last Night' where users can search for new tracks from live concerts that were recorded the night before. as well as music videos, documentaries, interviews and reviews.  Add a social networking component and Qtrax could become the ultimate music destination.

Qtrax claims that the service will be compatible with Apple products by March.  "We've had a technical breakthrough which enables us to put songs on an iPod without any interference from FairPlay," said Allan Klepfisz, Qtrax's president and chief executive.

ALSO: OurDigitalMusic take a look at Qtrax from the consumer perspective

Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review: Digital Sales Slow, Live Music Shows Its Age & Much More

> 2007 music sales dropped 10% and digital sales growth slowed according to a new report. But highlights of the IFPI's 2008 Digital Music Report attempt to paint a moreDavid_lee_roth optimistic picture.

> Is "up-selling" Apple's new iTunes strategy?

> Only 30% of 2007's top live acts were under the age of thirty which could cause concern for the future of live entertainment.

> Last.FM added full single song streams and an indie artist royalty program.

> We began a multi-part series on the music business in China with a look at piracy and the retail sector.

> Retail marketing guru Seth Godin made the case that the entertainment industry is charging too much for digital product and that it's encouraging file swapping.

> OurDigitalMusic had stories how to save 40-80% on your next iPod on Zen and plans by Leonard Cohen to tour for the first time since 1993.

> An interview with Sonicbids founder Panis Panay about his plans for the musician centered online service.

> EMI Publishing appointed Leo Corbett to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer and Thomas Kelly replaced him as Chief Financial Officer.

A Guide To The Music Industry In China - Part 1

The media is filled with articles on doing business in China, but nowhere is there a primer for understanding the music industry there. Ed Peto lives and works in Beijing as a promoter, music consultant and writer and he kindly shared these insights:

Doing_business_in_china_2PIRACY & RETAIL -
No one is willing to spend money promoting an international act when 90% of CDs are counterfeit and an even higher percent of online music is pinched. It’s all about hitting the mass market straight out of the box and selling big, if you want a chance of making money.

A high piracy rate leaves you with a legitimate physical market of only $86m a year (2006 figures), making China - a country of 1.3 billion people - into only the 20th largest market in the world. Physical has never really had a good time in China... 

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Highlights Of IFPI's Digital Music Report 2008

  • Ifpilogo190105 The global music download sales chart was topped by Avril Lavigne, who sold 7.3 million track downloads of her song Girlfriend across the world in 2007
  • Global digital music sales are estimated at approximately US$2.9 billion in 2007, a roughly 40% increase on 2006 (US$2.1 billion)
  • Single track downloads grew by 53% to 1.7 billion (including those on digital albums)
  • Digital sales now account for an estimated 15% of the global music market, up from 11% in 2006 and zero in 2003. In the US, online and mobile sales account for 30% of all revenues
  • The music industry is actually more advanced in terms of digital revenues than any other entertainment industry except games: newspapers (7%), films (3%) and books (2%)
  • There are more than 500 legitimate digital music services worldwide, offering over 6 million tracks – over four times the stock of a music megastore
  • Tens of billions of illegal files were swapped in 2007. The ratio of unlicensed tracks downloaded to legal tracks sold is about 20 to 1

Full Report

Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Universal Ups Urie, SendMe Adds EMI, "DRM Free Spells Trouble" & More

Universal > Jim Urie has been promoted to CEO of Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD), the sales, marketing and distribution arm of Universal Music Group (UMG). (FMQB)

> SendMeMobile.com adds EMI ringtones and song downloads to a catalog of music and gaming that inculdes Universal, Glu, Telcogames, Sony Pictures andThe Orchard.

> Live Nation sold its theatrical division to Key Brand Entertainment for 90.4 millionDrm_anti_wall

> DRM Free Music Spells Trouble. "The digital content industry is on the road to ruin, and with each new stopgap plan, the it just digs itself in deeper." (PC Magazine)

> OutDigitalMusic has video of the presidential candidates to Bowie's "Changes". It starts with an interesting premised but hang in; it finishes strongly. (ODM)

> Bob Lefsetz's Music Industry Power Top 10.

MySpace adds clips of BBC shows. (Reuters)

Mouse > WORTHY CLICK: Dilettante is social networking and community for hard core classicial music fans.

Coalition of Independent Music Stores Charts

CIMS Top 20 Debuts   1/22/08

Read the CIMS Top 50 Vinyl and Top 200 after the jump.

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Digital Music Growth Slows As Global Sales Drop 10%

Downarrowgig Global music sales dropped 10% in 2007 according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Digital music sales growth slowed to 40% during '07 after doubling in 2006.

Worldwide digital sales, which include iTunes and mobile downloads now account for 15% of the world's music market, up from 10% in 2006, but hopes digital music sales would offset declines in physical music proved optimistic. Nielsen Soundscan has pegged the global music decline at 14% in 2007.

Global digital sales grew to $2.9B up from $2.1B in '06,according to the IFPI.  Single track downloads grew by 53% to 1.7 billion including those on full digital albums.

Only 25% Of 2007's Top Live Acts Were Under 30


The LA Times put together a nice Forbes-esque review of musicians who made the most money in 2007, and the results are frightening. Not just because record sales were off 15% last year, or the concert industry fell about 10%, but because of the artists on their list, and more importantly, those artists’ respective ages.

The “winners” were, in order: The Police, Josh Groban, Justin Timberlake, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw / Faith Hill, Hannah Montana, Rascall Flatts, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, joshinconcert-heart.jpgthe Eagles, Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Dave Matthews Band, Billy Joel, “High School Musical 2″ and Linkin Park.

Of the artists and bands above, only 6 are (or are fronted by) people under 30: Groban (26), Timberlake (26), Miley Cyrus (15), Underwood (24), “High School Musical 2″ (Starring Zac Efron at 20 and Vanessa Hudgen at 19) and Linkin Park (members all in late twenties or early thirties).

Now, you could make the case that for marketing purposes, Rascal Flatts (all members over 32) and Dave Matthews (41) could all be included in the above group...

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Last.FM Adds On Demand Song Streams, Indie Artist Program

Last.FM has added a new on demand song streaming service with the support from all four major labels and 150,000 indie labels and artists from distributors including The Orchard, CD Baby, IODA, Naxos.  Users can listen to a track free up to three times, after which they are pointed iTunes, Amazon or 7Digital for purchase.

Last_fm The free on demand service launched Wednesday in the US, UK and Germany and is scheduled to roll out globally in the coming months

The site also launched a new program for artists not signed with a label. They can upload their music to Last.fm and will receive payment every time a tracks is played. This allows acts without a traditional recording or publishing deal to offer their music free while  still generating revenue.

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Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Yahoo MP3, WMG vs. Seeqpod, Sat. Radio Rumor & More

Yahoo > Yahoo is in discussions with all four majors over offering unprotected MP3s either for sale or for in a free ad-supported service. (AP) These moves are clouded by the pending layoffs at Yahoo which are expected to effect more than a thousand workers as early as next week.

> Apple stock fell another 10.65% yesterday, its second double digit drop in a row, over news of slowing growth.

> Profits jumped 18% last quarter at Qualcomm whose chips power many music centered cells. (AP)

> WMG has filed a lawsuit against mp3 search engine Seeqpod. (NY Post)

Xm_sirius_2 > XM and Sirius stock rose on rumors that FCC approval of their merger will come soon. (TheStreet)

> Rhino.tv launched with 2k imbedded music vids and lots of content. It was designed to promote UK releases but could easily be expanded to become a classic rock destination.

> Winners in the 35th Annual Village Voice Critics Poll here.

Mouse > WORTHY CLICK: Cloudspeakers aggregates indie rock  content from across the web with a unique flare.

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: iPod Falters, Yahoo Waits, Stones Catalog In Play & Much More

Ipod > iPod sales grew only 5% over the previous year suggesting a saturation in the portable  player market. (ZDnet) That sent Apple's soaring stock down almost 10% yesterday (more) Does all this also mean that there is finally an appetite for iPod and iTunes alternatives?

> Stay tuned for layoff news at Yahoo Music. Rumors have 1500 plus job cuts across all of Yahoo and the subscription service being shuttered or sold off. Read what we know so far here.Rollingstones

> The Rolling Stones - who just made a one off release deal with Universal - may also be moving their catalog from EMI to another label. WMG is currently the top contender. (Hits)

> 90% of all digital music sales in Asia are via mobile and Motorola seems to be taking more aggressive role in capturing the market with the aquisition of content provider Soundbuzz. Australian PC World has a fairly good primer on the Asian mobile music market here. Mobile music distribtuion is an area where the US music industry needs to get more aggressive before new independent players take the lead..

> Canadian labels say they get "absolutely zero credit for not suing fans". (ars) Sorry but are we now giving out medals for not being an ass?

> Chuck D joins the advisory board of music discovery provider Music Intelligence Solutions.

Mouse_2 WORTHY CLICK: AjiSignal.com has pulled together writers in major cities around the world to contribute on the music of their city. The concept is that in a world overflowing with musical choices location matters.

EMI Music Publishing Ups Corbett And Kelly

Emi_music_publishingUPDATED: Top music publisher EMI has appointed Leo Corbett to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer and Thomas Kelly replaces him as Chief Financial Officer.

Corbett, formerly EVO and CFO for the company, has spent the last twelve months overseeing new global strategic and technology programs working with EMI Music Publishing offices around the world. He will now lead the company’s global operations, overseeing sales, licensing and marketing functions across the business.

Thomas Kelly, who was Executive Vp of Finance for EMI Music, will now take on the position of EVP & Chief Financial Officer, managing the company’s financial operations on a global basis.
Both Corbett and Kelly will report to Chairman and CEO Roger Faxon and be based in New York City.