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UPDATE: Layoffs At Universal, Sony BMG, Other Major Labels

Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Nokia Universal Pact, Ted Cohen Joins En2Go, & Much More

Nokia_logo >>> The world's largest cell maker Nokia has cut a deal with Universal to provide phone buyers with a year of free access to the label's music.  The manufacturer claims the other major labels are interested in participating in its Universal_2 "Comes With Music" campaign to be launched in the second half of 2008. Nokia made a similar move with GPS last year; offering basic GPS free and charging for upgrades. (Reuters) Read our commentary here.

>>> Former EMI digital exec Ted Cohen has been named Chief Strategic Officer at startup en2go which is developing cross platform digital entertainment apps.  He'll also remain at his consulting firm TAG Strategies. (press release)

>>> A federal judge dismissed Limewire's anti-trust suit against the major labels.Riaa (AP)

>>> Score one for the RIAA. A federal judge found the label copyright misuse defense unconvincing.  But the trial will go forward on other grounds. (ars)

>>> More on the Amazon Pepsi billion track giveaway. (Newsfactor)

>>> Todd Glassman has been named VP Promotion at Universal Motown. (FMQB)