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Is RIAA Writing Its Own "News" For Local TV?

Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review: Blog Award Winners, Ticketing Shift, Universal's Toll Booth & More

> Hypebot announced the winners of its 2007 Best Music Blogs contest.Concert_ticket

> Concert giant Live Nation shared details of its plan to move its ticketing from Ticketmaster.

> Warner Music Group settled its lawsuit with XM over the Pioneer Inno radio.

Xm > WMG's year-end deal followed a similar settlement between Universal Music and XM as that major label group continued to pursue its "toll booth' strategy of charging device manufacturers for music use.

> Hip Hop dominated AT&T's Top 10  Ringtones of 2007.

> A look back at how well Hypebot and other music industry pundits did with our predictions for 2007. What are your predictions for the music industry in 2008?

> Paul McCartney commented on his split with EMI.

> Our sister blog OurDigitalMusic shared "10 Musicians I Want To Invite To My Office Christmas Party".