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The Rise Of The Musical Middle Class Parts I-III
iLike Adds Features To Streamline Social Music Marketing

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Eagles #1, Facebook's Social Ads, Prince Fights Viral & More

>>> Despite - or perhaps because of - only being available at Wal-Mart, the Eagles easily outdistanced Britney 700K to 290K units to debut at #1. (HITS, press release)

>>> Facebook continues the trend towards targeted personalized marketing with Social Ads. (NYT)

Prince >>> Prince is trying to force fan sites and others to stop using his likeness, lyrics. etc  content. (CMJ) The sites creating a unified to fight back. Is it about control or driving traffic to an authorized site? Either way this goes counter to everything we know about modern viral marketing.OK Purple One. I used an old photo of you on this blog. What happens next?

>>> Pandora has added a number of new social and music discovery features in a move to expand the services reach with the goal of "creating a unified music experience". (Listening Post)

>>> Record labels have been slow to jump into virtual worlds like teen destination Habbo Hotel as revenue sources. (DMWWhy? Because the labels still are run by older white males whose idea of going online is a trip to and Mapquest.

>>> New deals make Sergama the largest digital music aggregator in India. The company sells direct and via other services. (press release) It's always facinated me that  the music industry seems to ignore this huge English speaking market.