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Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: RCRD LBL?, EMI Scams Radiohead & More

Rcrdlbl_3 >> Is today the day RCRD LBL will launch as Wired predicted? The co-founder has been taking some interesting meetings and the WSJ appears to have some insider info on the ad supported free music label. This one could be interesting.

>>> Our friend math researches what he calls "EMI's scam to cash in on Radiohead". (Music 2.0)Creativezenvplus_2

>>> Creative has sold it's 25 millionth mp3 player. (press release). It only tool 8 years.  Hey I think I've got one in the bottom of a drawer somewhere...

>> A bill introduced in the US House of Representatives would force colleges  to provide evidence that they plan to stop peer-to-peer file sharing or run the risk of their students losing federal financial aid. (Digital Freedom)

>>> Social.FM announced has released a Facebook application that automatically scans users' profiles and creates an online radio player featuring full-length tracks from their favorite artists.

Mouse >>> WORTHY CLICK: is a new online community for emerging artists and music executives. The goal is to help them find the information they need to build a sustainable career in the music industry. (Shades of The Musical Middle Class!) The community features a Wiki, Forums, DIY Tips, Resource Directory, Business News and guest blogs from industry thought leaders.