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MySpace Hacks Increase

Computer_haccker It was inevitable. Where ever net traffic goes; the hackers will follow. Now MySpace is a growing target.

"At the end of October, there were a number of links added as friend-comments that went via MySpace's open-redirector Myspace(MSPlinks) to exploit sites in China," according to Roger Thompson of Exploit Prevention Labs.  "Now, we keep finding MySpace pages that have had some sort of image-background link injected, that are reaching out to a different site in China...The fact that this site (MySpace) is media-rich, with lots of sound and videos means that the FakeCodec trick will be much more effective. The click-er is probably expecting to see a vid, or hear a song, and is quite likely to think he genuinely needs to install something extra."

Here's a video explaining a recent hack of Alicia Keyes' MySpace pages.