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Slow March To DRM Free Music Becomes A Sprint

The slow march towards universal DRM free music appears about to become a sprint to the finish line.  Recent developments pushing Sony BMG, WMG and other holdouts to reconsider their protectionist positions include:

  • Initial sales and kudos from the media and consumers for Amazon's all mp3 store
  • Rumors that we've been hearing for weeks of a billion (yes that's a b) track giveaway involving Pepsi and the Amazon mp3 store to be unveiled during the Super BowlDrm_anti_wall
  • Rumors that WalMart.com is demanding that all labels deliver tracks as DRM free mp3's or risk being booted off the site
  • Solid digital sales increases at EMI since going DRM free
  • Signs that the Universal "experiment" is now a permanent policy shift
  • An increasing number of hold-out labels including most recently Hollywood experimenting with DRM free sales
  • Rumors that Sony BMG is readying an mp3 experiment and that WMG is finally allowing the possibility to be be openly discussed
  • A more rapid than expected decline in physical CD sales
  • Increased popularity of The Zune and other players beyond the iPod

Just a week ago I asked "Has The March To DRM Free Stalled?" It appears that I should have trusted my own December '06 prediction that 2007 would be the breakthrough year for DRM free music.

Sources: Original Reporting and Billboard.biz (Ed Christman)

Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: EMI Selling Stake, Facebook Dims Beacon, Vinyl Takes A Hit & Much More

Emi >>> Terra Firma appears close to selling a 15% stake in EMI in a $500 million round of equity fundraising. (Times UK) The deal is based on deep cost cutting and very optimistic cost predictions.

>>> Advertisers spent $1 billion on "word of mouth" marketing. (ars)

Facebook >>> Facebook's Beacon service which tracks off-Facebook web surfing will become opt-in after privacy concerns surfaced. (AllFacebook)

>>> Europe's TechDigest shares a rather comprehensive 30 Trends In Digital Music.

>>> Dance music DJ mecca Dancetracks is closing its NYC store. Its the latest in a string of vinyl based store closings in both the US and UK.

Mouse >>> CashMusic is combining the Radiohead "pay what you want model " with other D.I.Y. sales models in a very promising single service currently in beta and backed by some respected indie musicians. (Netribution)

WMG Reports Thinner Profits Plus A 360 Sinatra Deal

Wmg WMG's net profits fell to $5 million (3 cents a share) in the fourth fiscal quarter down from $12 million (8 cents a share) a year ago. Revenue rose 2% to $869 million from a year ago but declined 2% after factoring in the impact of the weak dollar. The label's digital music sales were up 25% to $130 million during the quarter but did not make up for the rapid decline in CD sales. (annual reports and SEC filings, press release)

WMG stock is down nearly 70% since the start of the year as investors reacted negatively to larger than expected drops in CD sales.  The stock remained flat in early trading Tuesday at about $7.15. (updated stock price here)

Sinatra Yestderday, WMG announced that it had entered into a deal to manage and exploit the assets of the Frank Sinatra estate and family including music and film. Rumor has daughter Nancy Sinatra cutting a jazz flavored album that may be released by the new joint venture.

Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Credit Crunch Hurts EMI And WMG, NIN Remix Back, Big Net Radio In Trouble & Much More

>>> Turmoil in the credit markets is hampering plans by EMI and Warner Music to issue Moneytoiletbillions of dollars in debt backed by revenue from their publishing catalogs. (Reuters)

>>> EMI is threatening to pull its $25 million a year funding of the RIAA. (ars) Maybe there plan is to hire their own consultant to make consumers hate EMI specifically instead of just major labels in general.

Interscope may have gotten cold feet and pulled its Nine Inch Nails remix site but Tent Reznor has countered with his own re-mix site. (remix.nin.com) It's in beta and best viewed in Firefox.

Pirate Bay cancel OiNK replacement BOiNK but will delve deeper into music with a new section. (ZeroPaid)

>>> Yahoo! and AOL may silence their online radio stations because of hire rates and have already stopped promoting the streams. (FMQB)

>>> One journalist rates  some of the top download sites. (Relish)

>>> Join the action as Hypebot readers nominate sites for our first annual Music Blog Awards and comment on the New Label Models.

Nominations Open For Hypebot's Music Blog Awards

Trophy_2 As a Hypebot reader, you're probably a music or tech industry insider who spends at least part of your days and nights scouring the net for music news and new bands to feed both your business and your personal love of music. So we wondered, what blogs do you follow to get your music news and discover new music?  Not music industry news like here on Hypebot, but rather sites that fans (like us) use to stay on top of what's happening.

Next week we'll put it to a vote, but for starters we need your nominations for blogs (and we use the term broadly) in these four categories:

  • Best Music News Blog
  • Best Music Discovery Blog
  • Best Niche Music Blog
  • Best Band Or Fan Blog

Tell us your Top 3 or so Nominations in each category in the comments section (our prefered method) or email them to us.  We'll tally them up (and maybe ad one or two of our own) and put it to a vote.  Nominations end Tuesd ay, December 7th.  And we're still working on the details, so any ideas you have to add to the competition or make it more fun please fire away!

EMI Names Another SVP Digital - Mark Piibe

Emi Even as rumors of pending staff cuts grow louder, EMI is bulking up its digital team with another executive suite appointment. Mark Piibe has been named SVP, Business Affairs for EMI Music North America’s digital unit. Piibe will begin his new role on December 1 and will report to Lauren Berkowitz, SVP, EMI Music North America.

Piibe will be based in New York and work with Berkowitz and the label's online, mobile and tech partners.  He will also work with the legal and business affairs teams of all of EMI’s North American labels.

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Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Lennon Video, Trans World Tanks, Vee-Jay Goes Digital & Much More


>>> Philadelphia gets a major new summer music festival produced by C3. (Billboard)Lennon

>>> EMI to sell John Lennon video album download via Starbuck for $25. (press release) $25 for mostly old videos?  They wonder why P2P is so popular?

Google planning online file storage/sharing solution that could lead copyright questions. (WSJ)

>>> Trans Worlds revenues were down 12% to give them another loosing quarter. (press release)

>>> The Orchard takes legendary label Vee-Jay digital. (press release)Verizon_2

>>> Verizon says they'll open their wireless network to any application and any device in 2008. (arsImagine the possibilities of open mobile airwaves. Others will be forced to follow.

>>> "The recording industry should thank Apple" (cNet) Doug Morris would disagree.

>>> Dave Cool offers a D.I.Y. CD marketing budget. (CC)

Mouse>>> Digital music consumer guide OurDigitalMusic offers their Top Sites To Discover New Music.

Exclusive Interview: 4Q4 With WE7's Steve Purdham

We7_2We continue our ongoing 4QFor (Four Questions For) series with ad supported download service We7's founder and CEO Steve Purdham. Steve has built several global technology companies including such SurfControl which was valued at its peak at £1bn.  (Read our 4QFor interviews with the heads of imeem, ReverbNation and Nimbit here.) 

We7_steve_headshot_2 Q1 What major changes in the music industry do you foresee over the next year?  There are so many emerging trends set to take off in the next 12 months - the final death of DRM, increased consumer pressure for new distribution models, more bands moving to control 360 degree strategies, more examples of the internet being used to deliver new creative ideas e.g.: Radiohead, We7, Pandora, Live Nation, Starbucks. Finally, one of the main changes will be realization across the industry that the mobile world and the internet is one and the same.

Q2 How are you and your company preparing to benefit from these changes?  At We7 it’s about standing behind the consumer and the bands, giving them functionality and facilities that reflect how they want to provide and consume music. The big fight is to get people to realise that free music does not mean ‘I don’t value music’, that free actually means ‘paid for  by someone else’.

Q3 What excites you?  Chaos, new ideas, emerging technology and fighting tradition – all these are the reason that I joined We7. The music industry is irrationally seductive and because of the fabulous creativity in the music world, it often forgets that it is still an

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Universal CEO Doug Morris Speaks Out...A Little Too Loudly

Doug_morris_cartoon "There was a cartoon character years ago called the Shmoo," he says in a raspy tenor. "It was in Li'l Abner. The Shmoo was a nice animal, a nice fella, but if you were hungry, you cut off a piece of him and put onions on it, and if you wanted to play football you just made him like a football. You could do anything to him. That's what was happening to the music business. Everyone was treating the music business like it was a Shmoo." - Universal CEO Doug Morris (read the entire Wired interview here)

Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Satellite Merger Opposition, MySpace Feeds, Classical MP3’s and Much More

Xm_sirius >>> The Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union and Free Press have all come out strongly against the Sirius and XM merger.  (pdf of joint letter)

>>> MySpace is adding Facebook style news feeds that inform you when a friends site is updated (good for a band with many friends) and will allow multiple profiles. (Reuters)
>>> New iPod commercials that prominently feature developing acts cause download sales jump. (SF Chronicle)

>>> Universal's Deustche Grammophon is opening a DRM free classical download store. (TechCrunch)

>>> The holiday shopping season was off to a strong start on the net. (PC World)

>>> My Bloody Valentine is planning a net only (+ vinyl) reunion release. (DMW) And opera singer Barbara Hendricks is going the Radiohead route. (Billboard)

>>> Why the RIAA appears afraid of targeting Harvard. (ars)

>>> Howard Stern is about to start year three in Sirius and is considering extending his contract. (AP)

>>> Tunecore gets profiled in the Daily News.

Mouse_2>>> TheRockDose.com offers a daily dose of rock and roll wisdom.

New Label Models: Which Will Survive?

As CD sales and label profits tumble, a great deal of hope and excitement has been attached to a variety of new models:

  • Music Is Free - And hope to make money elsewhere
  • Name The Price - Radiohead asks the fans to pay whatever they want
  • D.I.Y. - The artist is the label handling or hiring out distribution, marketing, etc.
  • Label As Partner - Band delivers master and label does the rest sharing profits more equitably - often 50/50
  • Ad Supported Releases - One-offs like Prince and the UK newspaper or Pennywise and MySpace
  • Ad Supported Labels - The new RCRD LBL
  • 360 Deals - The band as brand. Labels get a percentage of all revenue streams (albums, tours, merch, etc.) in exchange for longer term career investment
  • The New Old Label - Keep costs down and hope to monetize across multiple revenue from downolads to ringtones to YouTube

Which model has the greatest chance of success?  Its far to early to tell, but several of the Record_2 models above will probably find traction in the months and years ahead alongside new ones not yet imagined.

Instead of a single business model controlling an artist's career, wouldn't it be better if release methods become situational depending on genre, where an artist is in their career cycle and their goals for the release?  If a band is new or about to embark on a tour, perhaps giving it away (supported by ads or not) makes sense.   If you're a budding pop star in need of grooming and mainstream media, then the 360 deal may be for you.

Artist and fan empowerment is the mantra of Music 2.0.  Replacing the old model with a single new one serves no one but the gatekeeper.  Choice is freedom; and freedom leads to better music.

What label model(s) do you think will survive and thrive in the coming months?

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: France's P2P Attack, EMI Gets Bad Press, Pirate Bay Scoffs & Much More

UPDATED >>> Online Music licensing firm Ricall, which claims 4 million tracks from major and indie labels, expands into the US market with the appointment of former BMG publishing exec Ed Razzano as Vice President of Business Development (North America) based in NYC.


>>> France will pull net access from repeat P2P offenders. As a trade off the government is demanding an end to DRM. (Reuters) Points for dropping DRM, but aren't free WiFi signals to grab almost everywhere?

Emi_2 >>> The Financial Times says the investment community is growing critical of Tera Firma's plans to turn around EMI. (FT)

>>> PirateBay dismisses seriousness of latest three prong legal attack against it. (ars)

>>> Some stats about who is using Facebook. (TWMOB)

>>> A noted wine expert proves that music alters the taste of wine. (NPR)

>>> Pink Floyd's David Gilmore is giving away three tracks via Verizon Wireless to help promote a DVD release. (OurDigitalMusic)

>>> Indie label Suburban Home has released a free "I Celebrate Their Entire Catalog"Suburban_home_sampler digital sampler to promote the label's...entire catalog.  They're even encouraging you to share the link. Imagine that! "Post it in your blog, send it out in a Myspace bulletin, burn it onto CDs and give them to your friends, hell text it to your Grandma. We want everyone and anyone to download the sampler." (IndieHQJust to add to the no cost DYI nature of the promotion, the label is using free/low cost file delivery site YouSendIt to make the tracks available.

>>> To be sure you didn't miss anything important last week during holiday, we bring you Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review.

>>> Tuesday: 4QFor (Four Questions For) the founder of WE7.

ProHipHop Rounds Up Recent Hip Hop Headlines

ProHipHop returns to a weekly schedule here at Hypebot with a roundup of the last month's highlights in hip hop business news.

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Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review: MySpace Tries Ad Supported Music, Guitar Hero Helps Sales, 4QFor RerverbNation & More

>>> The Guitar Hero video game is leading to increased download sales for the aMyspacects featured

>>> The ad supported music model is expanding and MySpace has plans to join the experiment

Reverbnation_logo >>> We continued our 4QFor (For Questions For) series with an exclusive interview with band empowerment and music discovery site ReverbNation's Michael Dorenberg

>>> Essay: Is the march to DRM free music stalled?

>>> This week's Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 sellers

>>> OurDigitalMusic shared Top 10 Songs For A Modern Thanksgiving and How To Save Money On Music This Christmas

Please Date Our Sisters

OK we admit that is kind of a misleading headline and photo.  But we wanted to get your attention to encourage you to visit our sister music blogs:

  • OurDigitalMusic gives you tips on saving money on muisc and using technology to discover and enjoy music.
  • TheRockDose.com shares are favorite quotes from our favorite rockers
  • The B5 Music Channel OurDigitalMusic and TheRockDose (but noy Hypebot) are a part of is a collection of almost 30 great music blogs.

Our sisters thank you.

Guitar Hero Proves Powerful Song Sales Tool



Song inclusion in a popular video game may prove to be a powerful music revenue booster far beyond the royalties received from the game manufacturer.

The Soundscan numbers charted above by tech journal ars technica show a jump of as much as 140% in single track sales for several of the songs included in the new Guitar Hero III game. "No labels are really advertising their bands being in GH III, and even if they did most of the 'fans' already have a copy of the bands' most popular song before GH III came out," said one music industry insider.  "It's not far-fetched to assume that these are new people willing to pay for a new song."

Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: SpiralFrog Looses $3M , Sony Pays $5M, Pandora Goes Classical & More

>>> The British Entertainment Retailers Association says DRM is hurting music sales and urges labels to drop it "by Christmas". (FT) OK...maybe by next Christmas.

Spiral_frog_hand_2 >>> Ad supported music download service SpiralFrog posted a $3.4M Q3 loss and is seeking $25 million in new funding. (PaidContent) "The Froggy went a courtin' and he did fail..."

Lawyers Don't Take Thanksgiving Break -

  • A court has ordered Sony pay Steve Popovitch and his Cleveland International label and additional $5 million in damages for failing to return his label's logo to pressings of "Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell". (AP)
  • The Romantics are suing Activision for inclusion in the Guitar Hero 80's Edition. (Yahoo!) Shouldn't they be thanking them?
  • The RIAA has targeted 16 more colleges including several ivy league schools with its latest round of notices (TechWeb)

>>> Pandora has added classical music to its D.I.Y. radio mix. (cNet)

>>> New band t-shirts use a printed bar code that can be scanned via cell phone to link to web based content. (B-B-F)

>>> OurDigitalMusic offers consumers ways to Save Money On Music This Christmas.

Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 for Week Ending 11-18-07


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Some Thanksgiving Musical Fun

Courtesy of Our Digital Music here are 10 Songs For A Modern Thanksgiving. In no particular order...

  1. Turkeyj "Alice's Restaurant" - Arlo Guthrie
  2. "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" - Sly & The Family Stone
  3. "Thank You" - Dido
  4. "The Thanksgiving Song" - Adam Sandler
  5. "Thank You For The Music"- Abba
  6. "Thank You Lord" - Bob Marley
  7. "Thank You" - Led Zeppelin
  8. "We Are Family" - Sister Sledge
  9. "Thank U" Alanis Morissette
  10. "Thank You Girl" - The Beatles

Check out the 52Bands blog's fun list of Thanksgiving songs here.

MySpace Experiments With Ad Supported Music As Model Expands

Myspace MySpace will be testing the ad supported music waters this March with punk band Pennywise. Fans will be able to go to the MySpace profile of Textango, an mobile indie music distributor, and after adding them as a friend be able to download the entire album for free.

Textango_2 Pennywise normally sells between 60,000 and 100,000 albums and MySpace expects at least that many will take part in the promotion. "This happens in a time when the record industry has such a black eye," Josh Brooks, VP of Marketing for MySpace told Adweek.  "It's a nice opportunity and a way to get your music out there."

For Textango, its about building brand awareness. According to the company's CEO Shawn Dornian, "The overarching sprit is its breaking new barriers, doing new models and going against the status quo, which are all things we stand for". 

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Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: NIN Un-Mixed, Net Overload, TuneCore Adds Video & More

Nin >>> Because of copyright concerns, UMG pulled the plug on a new offering by Nine Inch Nails, which let fans create and post remixes from the master tracks used to create the band's new release. (Pitchfork)

>>> Could all of this wonderful flow of music, video and more overwhelm the internet?  A new study says meltdown is just two years away. (InfoWorld)

>>> Yahoo and Sony BMG has signed a new deal for video on demand. (press release)

>>> In addition to experiments with ad supports music, MySpace is expanding with a help wanted section and new filters for keeping track of and finding friends.  Sound a little like Facebook?

Heier_player_2 >>>
Consumer electronics maker Haier America has introduced the Ibiza Rhapsody, a Wi-Fi-enabled portable media player that connects directly to RealNetworks'  Rhapsody digital music service and stream user-generated videos from AOL Video. A 30GB model is available now for $329, while 8GB ($249) and 4GB ($229) models before Christmas. (press release)

>>> MTV Games releases Rock Band with 58 tracks and more available for download. (press release)

>>> TuneCore adds flat rate video distribution to iTunes. (Wired)

>>> David Card provides more details from Jupiter's latest Digital Music Forecast.

Exclusive Interview: 4QFor ReverbNation's Michael Dorenberg

We continue our 4QFor (Four Questions For) Series with Micheal Dorenberg, the CEO of music community and artist services site ReverbNation.  Also, check out recent 4Q4's with imeem's  Dalton Caldwell and Nimbit's Patrick Faucher.

Reverbs_michael_2 Q1: What major changes in the music industry do you foresee over the next year?
It sounds kind of obvious, but there will finally be a recognition that the true asset Artist's have is the relationship they have with their fan base, in terms of breadth (numbers of fans) and depth (strength of the influence) and duration (how the influence endures).  The music, branding, cache, and all other pieces of the "product" are means to that end. 

The implications are twofold:  Artists and those that represent them (labels, managers, promoters, etc) will begin to seek ways to measure the value of those relationships and they will begin to monetize them beyond selling digital downloads and concert tickets.  As advertising and other methods of leveraging those relationships become available, accepted, and more important, the understanding of "engagement" with the fans will supersede old metrics like the sheer numbers of fans.  Companies like ComScore and Facebook are already shifting the value metric of websites and applications to engagement, and the paradigm will hold for Artists as well. 
Q2. How are you and your company preparing to benefit from these changes?
ReverbNation believes that an Artist must be present everywhere their fans might be, and that those interactions must be designed to maximize the value for the artist.  We help artists efficiently deliver their content to fans in the places they live like MySpace, Facebook, IM's and Blogs, and ensure that every interaction encourages fans to spread the content , is carefully tracked, and will benefit the artist to the fullest extent possible. 

We give artists a "Home Base" with the tools and information they need to move fans down the "value funnel" from casual listener to customer, to "promoter". We are preparing to...

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Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Digital Won't Save Us, AT&T + Napster, Diddy On 360 & More

Downarrowgig >>> A new Jupiter Research study shows that while digital music will account for more than 1/3 of US consumer music purchases by 2012, it will not compensate for lost CD sales anticipated during that time. Detailed in a new report, “US Music Forecast, 2007 – 2012,” digital spending will grow to $3.4 billion over the next five years, while CD sales will continue to decline. For the foreseeable future,       on-demand subscription services will appeal primarily to niche audiences       among music aficionados. (Jupiter)

>>> AT&T adds a Samsung Napster phone. (TechWeb)

>>> Chinese label group Hurray has signed an agreement to merge with Enlight Media, a producer and distributor of film and TV content. (DMW)

>>> Diddy on 360 degree deals. "I made a 360 degree deal with myself...this is not going to solve the labels problems." (Crains)

>>> Pirate Bay feels pressure from Prince and some local investigators. (ars)
>>> TheRockDose offers a daily dose of rock wisdom,

Is The March To DRM Free Stalled?

The last year has been filled with announcement after announcement marking the end of DRM.  DRM-free pioneer eMusic was thriving.  EMI dropped DRM across its entire catalog. Drm_anti_wall Indie after indie dropped. Universal launched and then expanded a DRM free "experiment" that now feels like  permannt policy shift. Amazon launched a DRM free mp3 store to great reviews and customer reaction.

But in the last 6 weeks, almost nothing new...Neither Sony BMG nor the Warner Music Group are even hinting that they will be dropping DRM anytime soon. 

Has the DRM free experiment failed?

The numbers are early and sketchy. Perhaps the holdouts are taking a wait and see attitude? But without universal adoption, you have confused consumers and digital providers uncertain which path to follow.

Creativezenvplus Every day that Sony BMG and WMG wait to start selling the same DRM free product that they already offer on CD available as downloads, is another day that consumer attitudes and habits become entrenched in a model that spells the end of the major labels. Going DRM free may not be the answer all of the label's woes, but it regains consumer trust and enables the innovation that  could provide a path forward.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Is the march to DRM Free stalled?  What will happen next? 

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Merlin's Web, Live Nation 360, Cortney Considers & More

Merlin_logo_m >>> International indie music trade group Merlin has launched its web site (here) I really want these guys to succeed. The concept is solid - unit indies as a negotiating force with emerging digital media like YouTube.  But I've seen so little progress.

>>> Live Nation continues to diversify beyond concerts with the purchase of rock merchandise giant Signatures Network for $79 million. (press release) Is this shaping up to be the 360 deal coming from the live music angle instead of the label? Will Love Nation buy a label next so it has the apparatus?

>>> Cellyspace introduces a self serve ringtone producer for fans andCortney_love provides a platform for artists sales as well. (press release)

>>> Will Cortney Love be the next to try the Radiohead model? (Wired) Given the choice will anyone pay for that?

InterMedia has invested in live music content producer Control Room. (Reuters)

>>> The Motley Fool frowns on the Orchard/Digital Music Group merger but offers hope.

>>> Check out my "10 Songs I Love That I Probably Shouldn't" on OurDigitalMusic.com. It's part of b5media's Music Channel's Guilty Pleasures day.

>>> Make sure you didn't miss anything important with our New Music Business Week In Review.

Hypebot's New Music Business Week In Review:

Rcrdlbl >>> RCRD LBL founded by the minds behind Downtown Records and Engadget launched with an ad supported model giving away DRM free mp3's from a blog like web site. Industry reaction was mixed.

>>> Prince is suing notorious P2P enabler Pirate Bay.

>>> EMI's new owners Terra Firma are telling investors that they will make deep cuts in expenses particularly in the US as well as increase cash flow by an amazing Zune_new766% over the next five years.

>>> The new Zunes are finally in stores with some strong upgrades and options for personalization.

>>> Hacks of MySpace pages are on the rise including a major attack on Alicia Keyes.

Imeem >>> EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: imeem's CEO Dalton Caldwell continued Hypebot's new 4QFor (For Questions For) series by answering four questions about the future of the music industry.

>> Social Music Marketing - A Quick Handbook provides a brief overview of the big changes happening that could finally change the way music is promoted.

>>> Matt Graves has moved to imeem leaving Real/Rhapsody looking for a new head of music PR.

>>> We've updated our most popular post ever, "The Top 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips" and put all 100 on a single page for easier viewing.

Mouse >>> For a different perspective, Hypebot's sister blog OurDigitalMusic looks at the digital music revolution from the consumer's perspective and tries to show them ways to save money and enjoy music more and TheRockDose provides a daily dose of pop music wisdom.

RCRD LBL Upate & Reaction

  • Read our full coverage of the launch here.Rcrdlbl_2
  • All free downloads from the ad supported start up will will be DRM free mp3's.
  • Wired has an interview with one of the label's founders Peters Rojas who also started Engadget and Gizmodo. (here) 

I question if this will turn out to be a new model for launching a band.  Sure, a single song could get attention and spread virally.  But does passing around a free mp3 really lead to band branding and fan loyalty?

It's a place for a band to start of course, but is the RCRD LBL really a record label or just an evolved mp3 blog?

"RCRD LBL is trying to be too many things: a music blog, a social network, a music provider and a record label..." - Marc Cohen

"I can't really discern whether they are trying to be a tastemaker or what. Including Turntablelab certainly gives it that slant. But of course, I will always just, ya know, surf Turntablelab.com." - Ethan Bauley

"I love the whole "2.0" thing - I'm gonna start calling my kid Jake 2.0 - 'cos after all - it was me that provided the "content" - so to speak!" - Andrew

"...I almost got a seizure from the flickering of all the damn widgets re-loading...
I didn't see much that made me want to come back." - Captain Wrong

Tell us what you think here.