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Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Radiohead Release Day, Over The Air Proof Interest Mounts & Much More

Emi >>> Does anyone have a copy of Guy Hands recent leaked memo to his EMI troops?  I've seen excerpts in the press and published some here, but I would love to share the entire letter with Hypebot readers.  If you prefer, email me privately here.

>>> The 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to two researchers for their discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR), a branch of nanotechnology that helped make the small discs in portable music players and other devices possible.  (PC WorldRaihead

>>> Today's release day for Radiohead's download.  Wired wonders if the band's servers can handle the heat.

>>> Oasis and Jamiroquai appear ready to follow Radiohead, NIN and others away from from any label affiliation. (Telegraph) This is just the start.

>>> Groove Mobile has launched a mobile music subscription service with Canada's Bell Mobility. (press release)

>>> Ariel Taitz has been promoted to SVP of Business and Legal Affairs @ at WEA Corp., the sales and distribution arm of WMG.

Pokcet_group>>> Japan's second largest wireless carrier KDDI announced that it has distributed 150 million songs through its LISMO Music Store service since it launched in November 2004. (Billboard).  Do you believe in over-the-air downloads yet? If not you may be left behind.

>>> Just in case you need more proof of O.T.A,, follow the money...
Mobile music services provider Catalyst Mobile has secured $10 million in its second round of financing for total of $14.5 million. The company has a joint service in Japan with Warner Music Group. (press release)

>>> EU indie trade group IMPALA speaks out on recent publishing mergers. (FMQB

>>> Have you had your daily dose of rock wisdom from