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New Music Business Briefing: EU OK's Sony BMG, "RIAA A Money Pit", New Zunes & More

Sonybmg >>> The Sony BMG joint venture has officially won EU approval. (Reuters)

>>> Meanwhile a SonyBMG exec admitted in court yesterday that the RIAA P2P lawsuits are a real money loser for the labels. (ars)

>>> Wu-Tang Clan clears the first legal sampling of a Beatles song. (Pitchfork)

>>> SnoCap and CD Baby have parted company. CD Baby acts must now go direct.

>>> Radio is embracing iTunes tagging that enables later purchase. (FMQB)

Zune_logo >>> Microsoft has released the updated line of Zunes with enhanced community and music features.  The Zune store will also be adding more than a million DRM-free tracks. Details of what labels they are coming from were not given. Here's a video first look via Engadget.