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MySpace & Google To Open Platforms. Music Promo 2.0 Has Arrived.

Following the Facebook lead, MySpace is preparing to open its platform toMyspace developers of outside applications that integrate with the service.  According to reports the service will be unveiled next week and allow developers to keep 100% of any revenue generated.

Google is also apparently planning a November 5th announcement of aGoogle_2 similar program to make all of their applications from iGoogle (its home page service) to Google Reader "100% open".

These moves are a major boon to music marketers.

For years everyone has talked about the power of viral marketing for music, but its been a game of cat and mouse just finding fickle fans as they abandoned radio and print.

To have the eco-systems of Facebook, MySpace and Google and others open andFacebook enabling outside commerce means that once again labels and bands can reach fans where they spend their time - on their own home pages and personal blogs, alongside their online interactions with friends and within the applications that they use everyday.

As we previously reported, forward thinking services such as iLike and Nimbit are already enabling bands and labels to provide info, services and sales directly on Facebook and soon MySpace and Google applications will follow. Facebook is also planning to ramp up its own music offerings.

Music Promotion 2.0 has finally arrived.

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