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Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Majors Add USB, AT&T Overprices Napster Tracks, Bands Broken Via MySpace & More

Hypebot's New Music Business Week In Review

Itunes_girl >>> iTunes dropped the price of DRM free downloads from $1.29 to 99 cents and says its adding more DRM free indies.

>>> Strong sales at the new Amazon MP3 Store could make it second only to iTunes and a new affiliate program that pays 20% of sales could help.

>>> BEWARE: has a story on spammers using mp3's to get past filters. Not good news for an industry where trading mp3's is a daily part of our jobs.

>>> Sony and Japanese mobile provider KIDDI partner to make music easily playable across both paltforms.

>>> There were executive shuffles at EMI Publishing and WEA Distribution.

Napster >>> Napster released version 4.0 with some new features, but will anyone really care?

>>> As Radiohead's P2P numbers climb some consider their "pay want you want" release a failure. But is it?

>>> Here's a sildeshow of hot Music 2.0 sites and services.