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Facebook Music May Launch Next Week

Rumors Co-ed Magazine claims to have label sources stating that Facebook is set to announce phase 1 of a major expansion into music at next week's ad:tech conference in NYC. The move would confirm rumors we reported three weeks ago and coincide with public  moves that Facebook has made recently. According to the report:

  • Facebook artists and will register their sub-domain name through Facebook - i.e. “www.facebook.com/insertbandnamehere”
  • on this page Facebook users can become “fans” of the artist and connect to the media hosted on the “artist page.”
  • “fans” can enjoy the acts musicand videos, upload pictures, add music to their personal page, get tour dates and interact with other fans
  • Enhancements scheduled to arrive quickly include targeted marketing, ads and promotion
  • artist specific sales widgets to allow for music sales through the site are in development

The source says that this is only the first generation of Facebook Music and more aggressive plans to compete with MySpace, iTunes and other music destinations are in the works. If announced Facebook Music should also force other social networking and music sites to create more open platforms and services aimed at building community around music. 

The Emerging Musical Middle Class Part 2

Guitarist_generic I wrote on Monday about the emerging Musical Middle Class - a world populated by more artists selling 20-100,00 copies and making a living through direct sales, touring, merch and other streams; and because there are fewer outsiders taking a cut. They are empowered by the viral marketing and direct sales that the net enables. In my work as an agent, its a new paradigm that I see clearly even though its just starting to take shape.

Some great debate has ensued because others see such a glut of lousy music that it seems Sax_generic_2 impossible to gain traction without the help of a label and because they can find so few success to point to.

Fair points, but the bands I see forming the emerging musical middle class are not the indie buzz bands that go it on their own and fail to sell the units that label bands do.  Those were acts of trying to play the old game with new rules.  The bands I'm speaking of (examples in the original article) are flying below the industry's radar and by selling via gigs and their web site,the majority of units never reach Soundscan.

Tamborine_generic The skepticism may also come in how we view the term middle class. I see it defined as having "a comfortable standard of living, significant economic security, considerable work autonomy and rely on their expertise to sustain themselves."  We may not know exactly what the Musical Middle Class looks like or how they will get there. We do know it's not about limos and private jets. But that still beats having to make music only on weekends.

More debate @ Idolator and on Hypebot here and in the comments section here. Please join the discussion. You can read the original essay here.  Stay tuned for more.

Some Halloween Fun

“I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that’s OK - the bat had to get Ozzy shots.”   

- Ozzy Osbourne  (via TheRockDose)

You can celebrate almost anything on the internet (don't let your mind go there...) and Halloween is no exception.

  • ShePlaysMusic is live blogging Halloween great songs and videos all day.
  • MetalMartyr has a Metal Sound Track To Halloween. Is there any better music for Halloween than metal?
  • The Australian's don't even celebrate Halloween but OZMusicScene has some hot Aussie Halloween Hits.
  • 52Bands has a tribute to the king of spooky movie music Danny Elfaman
  • BigAppleMusicScene suggests dressing up like the ulitmate NYC rocker Joey Ramone.
  • EarSucker joins the action as always.
  • A don't miss our sister blog OurDigitalMusic's Top 10 Halloween Songs.

New Music Business Briefing: Real Post 3Q, Indies Struggle, Bruce Banned & Much More

Real >>> RealNetworks posted strong 3Q results and CEO Rob Glaser predicted that “by this time next year or sooner,” all of the four major music labels would be selling their catalogs DRM-free. (Barron's)

>>> Interviews with several indie labels on the difficulties of turning a profit in the digital age. (Seattle Times)

>>> Recording Academy/Grammy head Neal Portonow writes an op-ed piece on how the recording and tech industries must forge a common future. (SJ Mercury News) He's just figuring this out?

>>> cNet take a very critical look and asks "Who (and what) is imeem for?" (cNet)

>>> The Orchard announces several new digital distribution deals including Reader's Digest Music .(press release)

Clearchannel >>> Clear Channel has banned Bruce Springsteen from its stations even though record is #1. (Fox) Some say it's age and others say its the anti-Bush content.  Either way the ban is bullshit.

Myspace >>> MySpace taps Zazzle for a new online merchandise initiative that allows users to create their own one of a kind products for personal use or sale including customizing band merch. (press release) Does the world really need "Gigi LOVES My Morning Jacket!) t-shirts?

>>> Sirius CEO predicts merger with XM by year's end. (DMW)

Music Choice Adds EMI

Music_choiceMusic Choice and EMI have announced a deal that gives Music Choice the rights toEmi_2 stream EMI’s entire music video library on television and online in the US.  The deal compliments the content available for consumers with access to Music Choice through its free On Demand network and its free online music service.   

Music Choice is a partnership of Microsoft, Motorola, Inc., Sony, EMI and several leading U.S. cable providers including Comcast, Cox and Time Warner.

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Is A New Musical Middle Class Just Wishful Thinking?

On Monday in the first part in a series called The New Paradigm, I wrote about what I see as "The Rise Of The New Musical Middle Class" some learned Hypebot readers questioned my premise and a healthy debate followed. Join the debate and tell us what you think.

Cd_broken_2 Glenn @ Coolfer - "...I'd be more prone to call it a growing lower-middle class. There is an absolute glut of music online...As the audience becomes more fractured, each player's piece of the pie shrinks... As for increased loyalty, that will depend on the band's use of customer relationship tools. I believe success can be as fleeting as ever - look no further than the manner in which bloggers chew up and spit out bands at record rates..."

Bruce Houghton @ Hypebot - "In my own agency Skyline Music I see it in the organic growth of bands like Hot Buttered Rum and Toubab Krewe - neither of whom have never had real record deals and who now sell out enough 500-100 seat venues to make a decent living touring and selling music and merch direct to fans.

I also see it in former "label bands" like Over The Rhine. They are a fabulous band with loyal fans - but musically they don't fit anywhere neat in terms of radio or other media.

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New Music Business Briefing: EMI Sell Off?, Beatport Adds Authentication, When Pigs Fly & Much More

Emi >>> Terra Firma is already considering selling off some of EMI's assets to lower it's exposure.  (NY Post) Weren't these the guys who were going to transform the music business? In case you forgot, here's the full text of the leaked Guy Hands memo to his staff.

>>> The Who to launch fee based subscription site for hardcore fans. (Harp)

>>> Nokia launches country specific local artist music sites. (cNet Asia)

>>> Brooklyn assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is demanding that New York withdraw $84 million in pension funds invested in Universal and Vivendi unless rapper Nas changes the title his new album Nigger. (RollingStone.com)I'm not sure which is sadder; The Nas release title or the fact that this politician is just figuring out that labels sometimes support music with less than positive messages. Welcome to free speech.

Canadaflag >>
> The new Canadian mp3 downloads tax makes "a sucker out of legal downloaders" according to McCleans.ca

>>> Is the upsurge in vinyl the final nail in the CD's coffin? (Wired)

Beatport >>> Popular dance/electronic download store Beatport has added a new customer authentication system for users. (press release) Can someone explain to me why Beatport -who adds 5000 dance tracks a week and has a huge worldwide audience - needs a higher level of authentication then Amazon or iTunes?

Starbuck's Hear Music label signs its first developing artist. (BillboardThis should be interesting to watch.
>>> The RIAA was denied a default judgement over questions of positive ID of the suspect. (ars)

>>> It's official: Musicians have different brains. (NPR)

>>> Indie label Gold Standard Labs to shut down after 14 years. (GSL)Flyingpig

>>> WORTHY READ: "When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide." (demonbaby)

PASTE Magazine Tells Subscribers "Name Your Price"

Paste_logo Taking a page from the Radiohead playbook, beginning today and continuing for the next two weeks, AAA/indie music magazine PASTE is letting readers name the subscription price.  New or renewing subscribers can pay as little as $1 on PASTE's web site or whatever they think it's worth.  Those paying more than the typical $19.95 one year subscription will be thanked in a future issue of PASTE. 

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EMI And imeem Partner For Viral Song & Video Streaming

Emi Music centric social networking site imeem and EMI today launched free ad supported on-demand full song and video streaming of EMI's global digital catalog. Sony, Warner and a number of indie labels already have similar deals with imeem.

Members can upload their favorite music, video and photos for streaming, create customImeem playlists and slideshows, and share them with friends and fans on imeem as well as on Facebook and personal blogs.

MySpace, Friendster and others have also pledged to open their eco-systems to imeem and others. Services like iLike, Nimbit, ReverbNation and imeem are also offering services that cross platforms and are ushering in a new era in viral music marketing.

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Rise Of The Musical Middle Class

The digital music revolution has fractured media consumption into niches, shifted creation and distribution from the few to the many and nearly leveled the playing field between the powerful labels and the committed individual.

Welcome to the new musical middle class.

Musicians no longer need a big check from a label to record or a big promotional push to Working_musician_3launch a career.  With free software and a computer great music is being created in basements everywhere.  On social networking sites and virally between friends and across the blogosphere unknown music is finding an audience.

Slowly but visibly many of these artists are inventing their careers. Not a career fueled by Krystal Cristal and delivered in limos, but rather one earned by practicing their craft, listening to their fans and delivering the results live.

The fans may only number from 20-100,000. But without greedy hands in the middle, the profits are enough. And mercifully, the results of this labor are not as ephemeral as in the past. If the artist's effort continues; fans stay loyal.

There will always be mega-stars and one hit wonders.  But how hopeful it is for musicians, fans and for music, that there is finally a place for a middle class proud of their craft and connected to their audience.  And  what wonderful opportunities await for the middle class of labels and other companies created to serve them.

Our New Paradigm series continues later this week with:  A Global Perspective and The New Models. (Read Part II here)

Job Openings At Warner Bros. Records & Future Of Music Coalition

As a service to our readers we publish industry related job openings and unlike most other sites we don't charge for this service.  Please send us your listings.

Help_wanted >>> Warner Brothers Records is seeking an Operations Manager for its growing Technology Department in Burbank. (more)

>>> Future Of Music Coalition seeks and Operations Coordinator who will be responsible for general office management and bookkeeping to ensure smooth functioning of administrative systems in it Washington DC office. (more after the jump)

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Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: MTV Gets Lyrical, BlackBerry Adds Music, OiNK Lives & Much More

Mtv >>>Who the #!*k sang that song? MTV is launching a major cross platform lyric based initiative. (Webware)

>>> "Record Labels Loose Their Luster" according to a report by David LaGesse in US New & World Report. (here) I'm quoted heavily so I think its a brilliant article.Blackberry

>>> BlackBerry to add music subscription service via Omniphone's MusicStation. (Reuters) BlackBerry just caused millions of its users think twice before they switch to an iPhone.

>>> PirateBay says it will launch a successor to shuttered file sharing site OiNK that specialized in pre-release leaks called BOink.cd.

>>> Brick and mortar retail is finally experimenting with new ways to get into the digital game. (Billboard)

>>> The myth of user generated content. (DMW)

Rumors RUMORS: MySpace's head of marketing is on the way out...innovative UK download site 7Digital is seriously eying and expansion into North America ...Pandora may be adding videos

>>> And don't miss anything important with our Music 2.0 Week In Review.

Hypebot's Music 2.0 Week In Review: Blame It On iTunes, iLike Teams With Billboard, Friendster Opens Up & Much More

Cd_many >>> A new study shows that iTunes and not illegal file sharing is to blame for the huge slump in music sales.

>>> Believe it or not, despite the big slump in CD sales the music industry overall is growing. Here's proof.

>>> iLike and Billboard have teamed  for two new charts measuring internet song activity.

>>> Friendster has opened it community of 50 million to outside developers just as MySpace and Facebook have creating many new avenues for marketing music.

>>> Pandora founder Tim Westergren testified on behalf of the Digital Music Association before a Senate Committee on internet radio.

Amazon >>> Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos finally broke his silence and talked about the new Amazon mp3 store. The SEC made him.

>>> More DRM free music is finally showing up on iTunes but at a painfully slow pace. Why Steve?Top_100

>>> The final 10 Top 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Ways To Promote Music and links to all 100.

>>> OurDigitalMusic.com has a piece on saving up to 80% on your next iPod or other portable playee by buying refurbished.

Friendster Opens To Developers. Joins MySpace & Facebook.

Friendster_logo Friendster has opened its platform to outside developers for a November 30th launch of the social networking site's first collection of widgets. They will allow developers to keep 100% of revenue. Recent media attention has focused on Facebook's rapidly growing 49 million users, but Friendster still claims 50 million users and remains popular in Asia and abroad. MySpace boasts 200 million, but growth appears slowing.

Facebook Friendster follows similar moves by MySpace and Facebook and Google and Yahoo are also rumored to be opening their personal pages to outsiders. Fans will be ableMyspace to add free widgets that, for example, promote a favorite band and sell downloads, tickets and merch.  Some companies like Nimbit, RerverbNation and iLike are already providing artists with widgets that work across multiple sites and blogs.

Friday's Music 2.0 Briefing: WMG vs. iTunes, Ex-Orchard Execs Launch, Concert Goers Get Day In Court & Much More

>>> Judge says educational privacy not enough to stop RIAA supoenas. (ars)Wmg

>>> WMG may follow Universal's lead and opt for only a month to month deal with iTunes. (Washington Post)

>>> Two former Orchard execs Patrick Sullivan and Ben Cockerham have launched  RightsFlow Entertainment Group to assist companies engaged in the commercial exploitation of music and media copyrights. (more)

>>> Fader Magazine label artist Saul Williams is offering his new Trent Reznor (NIN) produced album ""The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust" via free mp3 download or as a higher quality FLAC with a $5 donation to the artist. Both include a PDF of cover art.

Concert_ticket>>> A federal judge has granted class action status to lawsuit alleging that mega-broadcast group Clear Channel used its dominance to inflate concert ticket prices back before it spun off its concert business as Live Nation. (DMW)

>>> Impact Mobile has launched a mobile ticketing service JumpTXT Access. (press release)Universal

>>> Universal and Sega have cut deals with GET Interactive whose technology enables links to purchase directly from web based videos. (press release)

>>> Jango which launches next month promises a Pandora/Last.FM/social networking hybrid. You can request a beta invite here.

Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 for Week Ending 10-21-07


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Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Facebook Gets Fat, Orchard Grooves OTA, Chain Stores Suck & More

>>> Microsoft has invested $240 million in Facebook. (ars) This should only accelerate growth at Facebook which in turn will force MySpace, Google and others to follow Facebook and open their platform to outside developers and marketers.

Orchard >>> Groove Mobile and digital distributor The Orchard have sidestepped the mobile carriers and are offering the first ever full track off portal mobile download system in the US.  (details)

>>> Spanish language sensation Juanes has a whopping 6 million downloadCds_color pre-orders for tracks from his unreleased CD. (AP)

>>> Mass market merchants and chain stores are leading the steep decline in CD sales. (Coolfer)

>>> A new Jupiter study shows a huge jump in widget use. (Jupiter) These new simple bits of code have huge potential for viral marketers and direct sales of music, merch and tickets. If you're new to the widget game iLike, Nimbit and ReverbNation all have easy wideget creation tools for bands and labels.

>>> Swedish social networker Ezmo has launched in the US. Among other things you can upload your music collection and share it with 10 friends. (press release) Perhaps we should dub this micro-casting.  Radio with a dedicated audience of 10 or less. But if you trust the "DJ" it can still be a powerful concept when multiplied.

Pandora Westergren Speaks For DiMA Before Congress

Tim_westergren_newer150w Pandora founder Tim Westergren testified today on behalf of the Digital Music Asscoiation before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Westergren emphasized the range of radio on the net and noted that independent musicians are benefiting from services like Pandora that promote diverse playlists and enable immediate purchase of music or concert tickets.

Westergren’s testimony also focused on the threat facing Pandora and all of net radio as a result of the Copyright Royalty Board's decision to raise sound recording royalties 30%. This rate – which effectively requires some internet radio so pay royalties equaling 50-300% of revenue – is unsustainable for most webcasters and is in contrast to royalties paid by broadcast radio (no sound recording royalties), satellite radio (less than 3% of revenue), and cable radio (7.25% of revenue).

  • Read the full text of Westergren's testimony after the jump
  • Analysis of the hearings from Daniel McSwain of RAIN here.

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iLike And Billboard Team For Two New Charts

Billboard and iLike.com have teamed to create two social media based music charts drawing from the daily music activity that iLike tracks across the net.

Ilike_2 The weekly charts will be based on the listening habits of iLike’s 14 million users of both iLike and Facebook. The first chart will report the week’s top 25 “most added” songs to Facebook user profiles. The second chart will leverage iLike’s plugins for iTunes and Windows Media Player to monitor the top 25 songs added to desktops and iPods.

Billboard_logoThe collaboration will provide music marketers insight into the listening habits of millions of music fans who rely on iLike to discover new music, connect with friends and interact with acts via iLike’s newly launched Artist Service Platform.

Jeff Bezos' First Words On Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos finally commented publically about the retailer's new MP3 store during an earnings call yesterday.

Jeff_bezos Bezos said he is "....very happy with the early results that we're seeing. We're getting terrific feedback from customers. Everybody loves the DRM free format, so selling MP3s is very successful for us...One of the things with our MP3 store is the way we look at it, the onus is on us to continue to convince music labels that this is a good way to sell their music. So we continue to work on that, but we're very happy with the way that it's going."

"...You get started," he continued, "you try to figure out what customers want and try toAmazon_mp3storefrontlogo_v2936426_2 figure out how to give it to them, and then just repeat that consistently over a number of years So you can count on us to keep working on those things. We're thrilled with the early results from customers."

When asked if there was evidence that it's had any impact on the physical CD sales Bezos replied, "We haven't seen any evidence of that. I think it's way too early to know...".  No sales figures were offered during the call, but industry sources point to strong early numbers when compared to Rhapsody, Napster and others with iTunes sales dwarfing all competitors.

Wednesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: New Rumors, "Buy U A Drank" Tops 2.3M, iPod Celebration & More

Rumors_3 ...RCRD LBL founded by Engadget's Peter Rojas and Downtown Records will launch November 15th with free ad supported music from Gnarls Barkley and Cold War Kids...
...The iTunes' chart isn't really a true representation of sales. New release sales are weighted more heavily than classics in an attempt to make the chart hipper...
...Radiohead is close to a deal with the Dave Mathews/Coran Capshaw led ATO for physical release of their latest CD...

NEWS & OTHER STUFF >>> Popular pirate music site Oink said the be the top source for pre-release leaks has been shut down by Dutch and UK police (Reuters)

>>> Top ringtone "Buy U A Drank" has sold over 2.3 million units according to Nielsen RingScan. compared to the 1.6 million downloads sold of the song and 686,000 copies of the song's album "Epiphany".Real

>>> RealNetworks has launched a new multimedia ringback service that adds video and photos to musical ringbacks. (press release)

>>> Top MySpace marketing tips. (Million Music)

>>> This week mark's the 6th Anniversary of the iPod. To date 110 million have been sold and to celebrate (?) here's the original launch video:

OK Steve Jobs, Where Is All The DRM-Free Music Your Promised Us?

Despite telling independent labels and distributors to deliver DRM-free tracks to iTunes months ago, our sources tell us that many labels only received Apple's contract covering the change within the last few days.Antiapple

The result is that a full 8 months after Steve Jobs called on record labels to drop copy restrictions, the iTunes Plus DRM-Free store has by far the weakest selection of DRM-Free independent label music of the three top download services.

Both eMusic and the new Amazon mp3 store have more than 2 millions DRM free tracks mostly from indies, and yet iTunes' selection is a fraction of that number.  Although Apple claims that tracks are being added daily, a quick search found that many top indie artists who have DRM-free tracks available elsewhere where not represented on iTunes Plus.

Stevejobssmile In fact, we wondered for months if Steve "I Like To Keep Control" Jobs really wants a DRM free world to arrive any faster than it has to.

Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Universal Folds V2, Penguin Walks From eMusic, Westergren Testifies

Applelogo_2 >>> Apple reported fiscal 4th Q revenues climbed 28% over last yearto $6.22 billion including sales of 1.1 million iPhones. (Apple)

>>> Ad supported SpiralFrog has signed a deal with Sony/ATV Publishing for content. (Reuters)

>>> CD Baby has published an account of its messy relationship with SNOCAP. (CDBaby)

V2 >>> Universal is placing its newly acquired V2 within the Mercury label group.  Staff cuts seem likely. (Billboard)

>>> Citing piracy concerns Penguin Books has pulled from the new eMusic audiobook offering. (NY Times)

Uk_flag >>> A UK music exec speculates on why its the British acts who seem to be doing a  lot of the boldest innovating when it comes to new release tactics. (Wired)

>>> New Music Tipsheet  has a list of releases for the rest of the year. (here)

Tim_westergren_newer150w >>> Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, will testify this Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. The hearing, entitled, “The Future of Radio” also featuring other music and radio execs will focus on innovation and competition in the radio market including the effects of the recent Copyright Royalty Board rulings.

Hip Hop Business News From ProHipHop

>>> RZA responds to Ghostface's rage with some true Wu-Tang leadership and the solution to a release date conflict.

>>> Hitwise claim to have called Soulja Boy's success back in May based on Internet traffic patterns.

>>> Nas responds to controversy over his N-word album title plans with the assurance that Def Jam's behind him and that he's up to something serious.

>>> Product placements, beautiful objects and brands that simply make an appearance abound in Jay-Z's Blue Magic video.

>>> Here's a roundup of Hip Hop Social Networks.

>>> Plies' Shawty ringtone goes platinum and he discusses his concern with racism and prison issues.

>>> Nelly says more good could have been done by fining Don Imus and starting a Don Imus Nappy Negro College Fund than by taking him off the air.

>>> Publicist Pam Pinnock, whose clients have included famous rappers, releases a memoir about domestic violence.

>>> Look for Ghostface Killah's new book The World According to Pretty Toney on November 1st based on a series of short MTV2 advice videos.

>>> ProHipHop has been posting occasional example widgets including the YouTube video unit from Google's AdSense with a "hip hop/rap" theme and a SplashCast Audio Widget featuring the music of Side Hustle.

From ProHipHop

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing Part 2: eMusic Wants Majors, Canda Download Tax, Low Weekly Sales & More

Emusic >>> eMusic is hoping to add some major label product to it's offerings. (Guardian) I just don't see how major labels can afford to pay the bills on 30 cents per track.

>>> RoyaltyShare grabs $4 million more in funding. (press release)

>>> Canada has imposed a download tax of 3 cents per individual track and 1.5 cents per track on full albums. (Post)

>>> Not one album in this week's Top 100 will approach 100,000 in weekly sales. (HITS)Riaa_toiletpaper

>>> The RIAA has sent another round of 411 (an ironic number) pre-litigation letters. (Billboard)

>>> Don't forget Part I of today's Music 2.0 Briefing as well as last week's Music 2.0 Week In Review.

Study Says iTunes Not P2P To Blame For Label Woes

A new study commissioned by the British recording industry has concluded that iTunes and not file sharing are to blame for the dramatic decrease in sales, reported The Register.

Applelogo The Capgemini report calculates that of $983 million lost by the UK music industry since 2004, $787 million was principally the result of the unbundling of albums into an "a la carte" song downloads. Only 18% was lost to piracy. Along the way, digital player manufacturers like Apple and new media companies like MySpace have profited greatly.

"Do you think Edgar Allan Poe could have made money if he sold The Raven separately from 30 other poems?" analyst Jim Griffen asked way back in 2004.

Concert_ticket The answer could lie in finding what bundle the untethered consumer is willing to may for or with new models where music is the promotional draw to profits from sponsorships, concert tickets, merchandise and more.

Believe It Or Not, The Music Industry Is Growing

Chris Anderson has compiled stats showing that, if declines in CD sales are set aside, every other aspect of the music industry is growing.

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100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips - The Final 10

Top_100 91. Flyer someone else’s show in a related genre.
92. Make sure all important info is on the front page of your site: Gigs, news, latest photos/songs/vids/contents, etc. Make it easy as possible for fans to get to stuff quickly.
93: Make sure everywhere you are mentioned (club listings, others bands you are playing with, etc) links back to your site.  If they aren't linking, ask.
94. Encourage fans to "tag" you and your content on other sites like flickr, blogs, etc. Then aggregate that data on your site.
95. Do the same using recommendation sites like Digg and Stumble. See example links at the bottom of every Hypebot post.
96. As Tip #7 stated, email lists should be your new religion. A few sites like scriggleit.com offer free mailing list and text messaging solutions. Now there's no excuse.
97. Finding the time to keep up with all of this is hard but essential. Take advantage of new free services that offer the ability to manage content across platforms.

  • Nimbit enables mp3, CD, ticket and merch sales on MySpace, Facebook and elsewhere from a single integrated widget.
  • ReverbNation provides email sign-up, street teams and web promotion tools. A new addition allows multi-artist tracking.
  • iLike has made its fan communication and community building tools instantly compatible on both its site and Facebook and provides tracking tools and stats.

98. If you hear about a good promo idea, go online and research it RIGHT NOW. Try it before it becomes over used. You can drop it if it doesn't work.
99. Up your promotion Karma. If you try something and it's a hit, tell others. Then they’'' be more likely to share ideas with you. Share your best ideas to us and we'll tell others.
100. Read Hypebot regularly. We'll help you keep on top of what's hot in music marketing.

Special thanks to our readers for some of the best tips. Read tips 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30, 31-40, 49-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, and 89-90.

Monday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Majors Add USB, AT&T Overprices Napster Tracks, Bands Broken Via MySpace & More

Usb >>> Universal, WMG and EMI will sell music on USB flash drives. For now their singles plus bonus content for $10. (Engadget) Interesting idea, but lousy pricing vs. value delivered.

>>> OurDigitalMusic surveys the 40-80% savings available to buyers of refurbished iPods, Zens and other portable players. (here) Woot has 30G Zunes for a mere $79 today only, but only in brown which for some reason is a very unpopular color.

Att_t >>> AT&T is offering full song over the air downloads via Napster much like the deal they did recently with eMusic. Billboard says the tracks will sell for $3 each and Silicon Valley Insider outs them at $1.99 or $7.49 for 5. We hear the later price is right, but either way its absurd pricing that won't gain traction.Myspace

>>> Geekapedia has a list of bands that have hit the mainstream via MySpace and the net. (Wired)

>>> Virgin Mobile adds its first phone with streaming music capabilities. (TechWeb)

>>> Reuters looks at the growing number of options for online music consumers. (Reuters)