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100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips - The Final 10

Top_100 91. Flyer someone else’s show in a related genre.
92. Make sure all important info is on the front page of your site: Gigs, news, latest photos/songs/vids/contents, etc. Make it easy as possible for fans to get to stuff quickly.
93: Make sure everywhere you are mentioned (club listings, others bands you are playing with, etc) links back to your site.  If they aren't linking, ask.
94. Encourage fans to "tag" you and your content on other sites like flickr, blogs, etc. Then aggregate that data on your site.
95. Do the same using recommendation sites like Digg and Stumble. See example links at the bottom of every Hypebot post.
96. As Tip #7 stated, email lists should be your new religion. A few sites like offer free mailing list and text messaging solutions. Now there's no excuse.
97. Finding the time to keep up with all of this is hard but essential. Take advantage of new free services that offer the ability to manage content across platforms.

  • Nimbit enables mp3, CD, ticket and merch sales on MySpace, Facebook and elsewhere from a single integrated widget.
  • ReverbNation provides email sign-up, street teams and web promotion tools. A new addition allows multi-artist tracking.
  • iLike has made its fan communication and community building tools instantly compatible on both its site and Facebook and provides tracking tools and stats.

98. If you hear about a good promo idea, go online and research it RIGHT NOW. Try it before it becomes over used. You can drop it if it doesn't work.
99. Up your promotion Karma. If you try something and it's a hit, tell others. Then they’'' be more likely to share ideas with you. Share your best ideas to us and we'll tell others.
100. Read Hypebot regularly. We'll help you keep on top of what's hot in music marketing.

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