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Yahoo! Blog Confirms Changes Ahead For Music Division

Rumors of major changes within Yahoo! Music have been rumored for weeks and a post on a company blog all but confirms them.

Yahoo_music "We are streamlining the structure of one portion of our Santa Monica presence — our entertainment division — with a vision of offering a more integrated entertainment experience. That means we’ll be creating more synergies between our music, games, movies, TV, and omg! properties..." wrote Vince Broady head of Yahoo! Entertainment and Video.  "...rather than staffing entertainment business units around distinct properties, we’re freeing up resources to feed new areas of focus. We’ll be investing in the development of next gen media platforms, applications and services, creating cool new opportunities for third-party publishers and media companies while also harnessing the power of social media and user-generated content."

Translation: Cuts are ahead and in the future more content will be user-generated and come from cheaper outside sources.