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100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips - Part 1

  1. Top_100 Never leave promotion to the other guy. Depending on your point of view don't count on the label, band or publicist to do their jobs. Do it yourself or ot may not get done.
  2. Know your niche market(s) or hire/befriend someone who does.
  3. Always think of the fans first when making decisions.
  4. Start early.  Pre-promote. It allows time for viral buzz (free promotion) to build and ensures you’ll get you a larger share of a discretionary spending.
  5. Take the time and spend the money to get a great publicist to get free media.
  6. Produce great promotional material and send it out early and often.  Don’t wait until they need it.
  7. Email lists must be your new religion. Make sign up simple and easy to find. Put it visibly on the top half of the front page and watch it grow.
  8. Segment your email lists (genre, location) to fight email burnout. 
  9. Produce and send great e-cards. The best ones get forwarded to others
  10. Make your web site a destination by keeping it updated and including news, giveaways, polls and things to make it worth visiting.

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