Subscription Music With A Twist: French ISP Offers Unlimited Universal Downloads
Future of Music Coalition Seeks DC-based Intern for Fall 2007

New Music Business Briefing: Small Webcasters Offered Deal, iPhone EU Launch, 7Digital Grabs Stones & More

Soundexchange >>> SoundExchange has formerly offered small webcasters with under $1.25m in a royalty rate of 10-12% of total revenue through 2010. Broadcasters have until September 15th to respond. (RadioOnline)

>>> Apple has reportedly signed on three major carriers for its European iPhone launch. (Financial Times)

>>> Study says music piracy worldwide costs industry $12.5 billion (FMQB)

7d_logo_newsletter >>> UK based 7Digital becomes the first to sell 24 Rolling Stones albums as DRM free mp3's. (Reuters)

>>> Nettwerk defends its deal with P2P Limewire. (Billboard)

>>> Verizon debuts new Q Smartphone with music-centric interface and Windows mobile. (PC)

Last_fm >>> Following YouTube's viral lead, Last.FM has added the ability to share music videos on other sites and blogs.

>>> Page down for yesterday's stories on the new MTV/Rhapsody/Verizon music service and's move into DRM free downloads.