will.i.am shares love with musicane widget and drm-free release
Are Nicoli & Ames In Trouble?

New Music Business Briefing: Sonos Gets Sirius, Foxy Jumps To Koch, & More

>>> Sonos Digital Music has integrated 80 Sirius streams into its home player offerings. (press release)

Kochent >>> Foxy Brown has exited Def Jam and signed with indie KOCH. (Billboard) We wonder if she read our story of how a major labels is using KOCH's hip hop promo department and decided why not go direct?

>>> YourFreeMusicDownloads.com launched today with free mp3 downloads paid for by filling out a survey. (OurDigitalMusic). Sounds good, but is a 3 minute song worth 5 minutes of your time when you can grab it in seconds via P2P?

>>> GrooveShark opens it P2P distribution and promotion system to indie artists and labels and offers a revenue share.(press release)

>>> Arvato Mobile now offers EMI videos to its European mobile streaming customers. (press release)

Universal_2 >>> A critical view of Universal's DRM-free experiment and use of track watermarking. (ARS)