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Update: Banned LA Times "Free Music" Columinst Responds

Latimes_2 "Obviously no columnist is ever very happy about having their column killed. But I'm much more disappointed that the column that was killed was full of ideas about how to help my newspaper. I love working at a newspaper, especially this one, but if we don't start embracing change in a big way, there won't be great jobs like the one I have much longer. I'm constantly writing about how all the studios and big media companies are radically reinventing themselves. It's time we did the same." (Deadline Hollywood Daily via The Daily Swarm)

His statement and the column (a very worthwhile read) ring true both for newspapers and the music industry. If both don't embrace radical change; it's over.

Read the full text of LA Time's columnist's Patrick Goldstein's banned piece on"free music" here