Digital Media Association Rejects SoundExchange's "Stay Of Execution"
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Soundexchange >>> With the date for new higher royalty rates that would put many net broadcasters out of business, collection agency SoundExchange offered a compromise that would help some broadcasters. But the Digital Media Association rejected it because it as a "stay of execution.

>>> EMI & SNOCAP have cut a deal to sell higher quality DRM free tracks on blogs, web sites and social networking sites.Applelogo

>>> A look at why the iPhone will not reshape the music business.

>>> iTunes surpassed Amazon to become the #3 US retailer of music.

>>> A peak inside the offices of music 2.0 companies.

>>> MySpace launched enhanced video features and MySpace TV.

Burnlounge_logo >>> Fan powered download service Burnlounge changed its business model from a multi-level marketing system which the FTC called "a pyramid scheme" to an affiliate program and won court approval to continue operating. But Hypebot learned that original Burnlounge members who paid up to $500 won't be receiving refunds.