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Hypebot's Coolfer Interview Part II

Part II of our interview with fellow music industry blogger Glenn Peoples of Coolfer.com. Read Part 1 here.

HYPEBOT - You dropped advertising on Coolfer.  Why?  What has the response been?

COOLFER - There are time when I don't blog much, for whatever reason. If I have advertisers, I feel I have a responsibility to them. That may come into conflict with my ability or desire to blog. For example, I don't spend too much time on Coolfer when I have tests at school, or when I'm on vacation. A better way of going about it, I decided, would be to take donations and blog when I am able. I blog for my readers and for myself, not for the benefit of advertisers. The response has been encouraging. I've received some donations already. Next month I'll probably have my version of a pledge drive, and I'll be more active in solicitating.

HYPBOT - What do you think Coolfer readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

COOLFER - Few people know that I swam in the Olympic trials and was twice a Division I All-American swimmer at UC Santa Barbara. I have a bit of a travel bug as well. Twice I've quit a job to travel, the last time being a long stint through Asia and Africa in 2000-2001. I think Venezuela, which I visited in February, was country number 32.

Bonus question – Anything that you want to pitch, share or just rant about?

- How about some recommendations? One of my favoriate blogs is TrueHoop.com, the

basketball blog. Even during the summer it's a fine read. Nashville has a great music scene that will probably get a lot more attention in the coming years. I recommend How I Became The Bomb ( http://www.myspace.com/howibecamethebomb), Justin Earle and Cortney Tidwell. Lastly, I started a blog on business strategy, Big Red Horseshoe that is part of a group of blogs started by some b-school classmates.