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Apple iTunes News: 500 Million Active Users, New Bebo Deal, and iPhone Requires iTunes Account

Applelogo Apple's iTunes digital jukebox software is downloaded 1 million times a day and has an active user base of 500 million users, the company claimed during annual developers conference this week. It's an impressive number that becomes a bit less impressive when one realizes that manItunesy of the "active users" only download a few songs yearly.

In a move surely designed to boost subscriber numbers even higher, Apple will require that iPhones users have an active iTunes acount.

Meanwhile, upstart social networking site Bebo has cut a deal with iTunes to make downloads available to its 8.8 million UK and Ireland subscribers right on the page of any artist Bebowho has a Bebo profile.  It's the first time that iTunes has linked with a social networking site.

We can see the interns being deployed to set up thousands of Bebo profiles out our window as we write this.