CRB Denies Appeal. Net Broadcasters Unite To Fight Back.
eMusic Adds Subscribers & Labels. But Will Growth Continue?

New Music Business Briefing: Net Broadcasters Denied, NIN Arrives, Amazon Gets Ready & More

Savenetradiobolt300x78 >>> Yesterday the Copyright Royalty Board rejected appeals from internet broadcasters to review new higher royalty rates that many feel would force most stations off the air.  Broadcasters and some musicians have united in a new coalition dubbed Save Internet Radio to fight the decision in the courts and Congress. Read full Hypebot coverage here.Smallweborg_2

>> Small webcasters have also joined together to start their own new trade organization.

Nin_2 >>> After an 18 month campaign that included scavenger hunts and other clever viral marketing the new Nine Inch Nails CD arrives today.  Is it bad of us to hope that it beats Christina Aguilera's new one to the top of the charts?

Amazon >>> The main stream music industry press (aka Billboard) is now confirming what we've been telling you for weeks: Amazon is launching an "mp3 only" download store ASAP and that Universal classical music content is likely to be a part of the offering.  The story alludes to push back from both indie and major labels over the usual issues of price and DRM. We'd add Amazon is also trying to figure out where they can get in line for the EMI DRM free roll-out as well.

>>> Atlantic UK jumps on the ShoZu bandwagon enabling their acts to upload images and video instantly from cell to web. (press release).

Anywherecd_2 >>> As of this writing they're still selling CD/MP3 combos of hit WMG product.