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Does Steve Jobs Really Want DRM Free Music?

Applelogo_2 There is growing chatter in the press about Steve Jobs working hard to force the major labels to follow EMI's lead and go DRM free. Many also point to his recent manifesto calling on the industry to end the use of copy protection.

But here's an inescapable fact that everyone seems to be missing:Stevejobssmile

If Steve Jobs really wanted to sell music on iTunes DRM free, he could start offering more than a million unprotected tracks tomorrow.

There are thousands of independent labels representing as much as 30% of the retail market who are already selling unprotected downloads via eMusic, InSound, 7Digital and others.  Those that I've talked to would love to have a competitive advantage over the majors on iTunes by selling DRM free.

Come on Steve. You've talked the talk. Now walk the walk.