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IFPI Publishes Digital Music Report 2007

Ifpilogo190105_1 Highlights of the report:

  • Digital music sales estimated to double to around US$2 billion in 2006
  • Single track downloads estimated up 89% at 795 million
  • Available tracks double to four million, via 500 online services in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Portable music players help drive digital music consumption
  • New revenue streams and business models emerge
  • Lawsuits impact illegal file-sharing, but "gatekeeper" ISPs must act to curb digital piracy

Cds_color_25 As expected, however, digital sales are not growing fast enough to replace lost revenue from lower physical CD sales. What are the "new revenue streams and business models" that the report refers to?

"Recent months have also seen digital music distribution channels diversify. A-la-carte download services, led by iTunes, remain the dominant digital format, but they compete in a mixed economy with subscription services, mobile mastertones and more recently new advertising-supported models and video licensing deals on sites like Iphone_3 YouTube and MySpace."

"Mobile music accounted for about half of global digital revenues in 2006, but the split between mobile and online varies sharply by country. In Japan around 90% of digital music sales are accounted for by mobile purchases. 2007 could prove to be a landmark year in the mobile music market, as handset makers such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson develop their music phone series. Meanwhile, Apple has announced the launch of the much anticipated iPhone."

More: Full press release and link to pdf of the 24 page report here.