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Days Before MacWorld Study Shows Huge Potential For iPod Phone

The rumors are swirling that Apple will or maybe won't unveil an iPod/phone hybrid at next week's MacWorld convention.  Whenever the device is unveiled - and it will be soon - the effect on both Apple's dominance of music downloads and the entire cellular marketplace could be enormous.

A new study shows that:

Applelogo_53 "16% of Americans aged 12+ (about 40 million) say that an "iPod" phone is a "great idea" for them personally based on a description of its likely features. In comparison, 24% of Americans aged 12+ (or 28% of cell users) own a Motorola phone and Nokia is used by 17%."

"An iPod phone would have the potential to increase Apple's customer footprint substantially. Currently just over 20% of Americans 12+ (about 50 million) own an Apple product - within 18 months of the introduction of a new iPod phone, Apple's footprint can increase to over 30% according to forecasts based on the study." (more)