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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hypebot's Music Industry Predictions For 2007

Amazon_14 >>> This will be the year that the mp3 format will gain much greater acceptance from record labels. Consumer dissatisfaction is growing daily, but the real action will begin in March when the new Amazon download store launches and gain momentum throughout the year.

>>> The mp3 momentum will hurt iTunes but not effect iPod sales which will remain very strong through Napster_92007.

>>> Napster will finally run out of money and be sold at a bargain basement price.

>>> It will be a good time to own an indie record label as majors labels, investment firms, and even some tech companies go shopping.
>>> The other major labels will follow WMG's lead and start trying to sound and act like tech start-ups.

>>> Touring will continue to gain in importance both for income and promotion.

>>> Tight profit margins force consolidation within the download distribution sector.

>>> More artists at all levels and in all genres will go D.I.Y. and direct to the fans and the cottage industry to facilitate this transition will boom.



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Some good ones in there. FWIW, I think that Google will scoop up Last.fm, Microsoft will pick up Pandora and that Real should grab MusicGremlin to fill out their device story. As a longshot I've got Amazon acquiring eMusic.

I've posted a few of these over the year, check it out when you get a chance.... http://globallistic.blogspot.com.

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