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MySpace & YouTube Content Take Down Continues

Myspace_40MySpace has announced a deal to use Gracenote's filtering technology to block unauthorized music from the site.  (press release) Exactly how Gracenote filters and allows copy written material that may have been loaded with an indie artist permission is not clear. 

Youtube_24Last week YouTube began pulling clips from Viacom's Comedy Central and rumors are swirling that the ban will extend to other company owned channels like MTV and BET.

Can YouTube survive without copy written content? And how will MySpace be effected if it only carries "authorized" and obscure indie tunes?  But perhaps the biggest question is why aren't the content providers smart enough to just insert ads or links and let the content stay up on these incredibly popular and viral destinations?

Universal Drops Euro Catalog Download Prices

Universal_22Universal is dropping the European pricing on 1500 classic albums including titles from The Who, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and others.  These titles will now sell for about 6.99 euros ($8.89) and 5.49 pounds ($10.43) down from 9.99 euros and 7.99 pounds respectively. Download single pricing is not be affected. Other labels are expected to follow suit creating a downward spiral in catalog prices which could create an upswing in consumer interest and US price cuts won't be far behind. Not surprisingly Apple says they will keep the original higher pricing on all titles.

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Tuesday October 31st, 2006

- First Robbie Williams, then Korn, now dead people. In a deal that actually makes sense EMI has entered into a partnership with the Dean Martin Trust to act as agent for licensing Martin’s name, image, and likeness.  EMI will continue to market Martin’s expansive recording catalogs on a Emi_43 worldwide basis. (press release)

- Martin Bandier has resigned as chairman and joint CEO of EMI Music Publishing. Roger Faxon, who is currently president and joint CEO of EMI Music Publishing, will succeed Bandier as sole CEO on 1 April 2007.

- Continuing it's march into emerging markets, digital distributor The Orchard is opening of officesOrchard_20 in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania following important new agreements with several labels in those regions. The Orchard will also annnounced that it will release the digital version of Ice T’s upcoming album, “Gangsta Rap” concurrent with the album’s CD release on Melee/Universal. 

- Blogger Siddiq T Bello of Change Is Good analyzes the meteoric rise in BitTorrent use and interviews some of the people behind the most popular sites. (C.I.G.)

- OK it isn't about music, but it sure changed the way we communicate and market it. Email turns 25 years old this month. (InfoWorld)

9 Nominees Top Weak 2007 Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame List

Rocknrollhaoll_fo_fame_1This year's 2007 nominees to the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame are Van Halen, R.E.M., the Stooges, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Patti Smith, the Dave Clark Five, the Ronettes, Chic, and Joe Tex. Now the nominees are presented to 500 insider voters who generally induct five to seven each year.

Given this year's list one has to question if inducting only 2 or 3 worthy acts wouldn't make more sense.

9 Nominees Top Weak 2007 Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame List

This year's 2007 nominees to the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame are Van Halen, R.E.M., the Stooges, Rocknrollhaoll_fo_fameGrandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Patti Smith, the Dave Clark Five, the Ronettes, Chic, and Joe Tex. Now the nominees are presented to 500 insider voters who generally induct five to seven each year. Given this year's list one has to question if inducting only 2 or 3 worthy acts wouldn't make more sense.

How Often Do We Over Hype? Marketer Seth Godin On The Dylan Broadway Failure

How often does the industry over-hype or just bring too much attention to an artist in a way that actually alienates audience and diminishes the "brand"?

Sethgodin_4Marketing guru Seth Godin writes: "So, Bob Dylan's new show on Broadway is getting panned by the critics. Probably because it's terrible."

Terrible because it illuminates Dylan's best work. And light is not always a good thing, especially if you're a storyteller. A ghost story in a dark cabin in the woods is very different from a ghost story on stage at the United Nations, under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights."

"Sometimes, marketers try to tell people everything...Human beings don't want to know everything--that's why sausage factories don't give tours. I don't think you can expect to hide your unsavory secrets, but I also know that the shadows are just as important as the light," writes Godin.

Boddylan2 We've all seen artists have the spotlight shown too brightly on them before they are ready and established acts over-hyped just before a new release.  There's an often repeated story - and I have no idea if it's true - that Nora Jones at the height of her multi-platinum success begged her label to pull the CD from stores fearing over-exposure.

That may be a bit extreme, but sometimes artists do know more than marketers about how their art should be exposed and in the digital age the fans will tell us how to best reach them...if we'll only be quiet and listen. I'd bet that if Dylan and really listened to his inner muse instead of his wallet this play would not have been produced. And I guaruntee that if you'd polled the fans they would have voted resoundlingly "NO".

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Monday October 30th, 2006

Top100cn_4- Don't miss our exclusive interview with Gary Chen the CEO of Chinese download leader Top100.cn who recently cut a landmark deal with digital distributor The Orchard to bring their catalgue to this huge energing market.  (Part l & and just posted Part II)Bobdylan_2

- Bob Dylan tried to extend his brand to Broadway, but nobody much likes the result. (Reuters)

- The Future Of Music Coalition and American Federation Of Musicians filed joint comments with the FCC arguing that "increasing the local ownership cap would have no demonstrable benefit for programming variety and would instead cause harm to programming variety by endangering the smaller station groups that currently supply most of the diversity that exists..." (Executive summary, PDF of full text)

Youtube_22- YouTube content shrinks again as it pulls Comedy Central clips.  (Slashdot)  Three of the four major label groups have made deals with YouTube that include minority shares in the company.  EMI remains the single major holdout.

- The hugely popular iTunes application has lots of features including internet radio and and watching YouTube that Apple doesn't really bother to tell you about. (MacNewsWorld)

Mouse_25WORTHY CLICK - Real progressive rock was never a hugely popular genre, but in what is a perfect example of the "long tail" enabled by the internet, progressive rock lives on at ProRock Records - a mini-conglomerate that includes a label, internet station, chat rooms, an online store, physical CD distributor and more.  (click)  We doubt any of these could survive as stand-alone businesses in a "physical only" world.

Part II Of Q&A With CEO Of Chinese Download Leader Top100

As CEO of Top100.CN Gary Chen recently cut a groundbreaking deal with digital distributor The Orchard to make their massive catalog available in the emerging Chinese market.

HYPEBOT: Because The Orchard's content is so large and diverse with songs representing a variety of genres, lifestyles, and opinions, are you filtering the content available in China to meet government regulations?

CHEN: We are going to launch a International Music Channel with Orchard in China.We believe in long tail theory here. People are different. They want to discover new music Top100cn_3all the times and we want to make their music discovery easier. In China, we are talking about 400 million mobile subscribers and 100 million internet users. We are selling to 500 different group of people with each group of one million people. This will be a great culture exchange project and people here will gradually appreciate it. And Chinese government support such a project.

Plus, please help us to clarify one more time. We do not have Beatles for download in our website. Orchard_19 Just log on our website and you will find Chinese introduction of all great musicians like Beatles. But when you click the track, it says clearly it is not available for download. It is totally legal to introduce any musician and tell a story about them. do not understand why one or two international journalist say so in their article. Do they really care about the copyright protection in China and want to support a legit music service company like us in China ?

Read Part 1 of this exclusive interview here.

eMusic Snags Victory Downloads

Victory_1Indie label Victory has long been know for it's aggressive and creative promotion including MySpace, digital street teams and more.  But they've been slow to embrace digital downloads only recently making hit act Hawthorne Heights available on iTunes, for Emusic_13example.

Today the floodgates opened with Victory signing a deal to make their entire label available as unprotected mp3's via subscription download service eMusic.  It's a small but significant victory (pun intended) in the battle against restrictive DRM. Te clebrate the launch aew victory rockers Aiden's new tracks will be available via eMusic exclusivley from 10-21-11/13.

EMI CEO Levy Sees A Radically Different The Future

Uk_flag_1In a wide ranging speech at The London School Of Business EMI Music CEO Alan Levy gave his view of the major labor future:

"...let’s not be fooled that the consumer is single handedly picking the winners and hits in the music world. They have an increased and vital role...But the music companies, Emi_42dismissed as dinosaurs, continue to reinvent themselves to harness the power of the consumer by understanding that the internet has changed the face of promotion...the online world starts the first buzz, with music companies giving fans the tools to discover and promote their favourite bands." (Levy sites EMI's OK GO as a prime example.)

"The new digital consumer has impacted every area of our creative process – they have changed the way we source, present and market our content in every way...Ironically, the consumer themselves...doesn’t know what they want until they have had time to experiment and use a newYoutube_23 service or product.  As a result we are living in a world of beta products/services waiting for consumer traffic...YouTube foresaw the consumer demand to upload, watch and share video...we have to be increasingly flexible and open to the outside world...closed media companies will quite simply die."

"...The key soundbites for the digital revolution in the media world for me are as follows: 

  • The consumer is totally empowered
  • Ironically the consumer does not know what they want next – they need to experiment with a product or service to know if they want it
  • Content is still king - let’s not get caught up in the idea that there will be one ultimate winner.  Ultimately the consumer is looking for choice and a deep connection with their favourite artists, and the music they love.
  • Content will be used to create more content, particularly in this user generated world we live in
  • Premium brands will always have the upper hand – whether that is Google, YouTube or Robbie Williams.  In a world of diversity and overwhelming choice – the consumer seeks filters and known and proven names
  • Consumer foresight will drive innovation"
Read the full text of the speech after the jump.

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Warner Believes In Video. Taps Brightcove. Who Cares?

Wmg_34Following its deal with YouTube Warner Music is further spreading its video content across the net via a new deal with Brightove. "Across WMG's network of artist and label web sites, consumers can use the new, interactive, web-based Brightcove video players, which require no download and can be customized by each artist and record label. The Tv_8Brightcove Internet TV service allows WMG to monetize its video content on an ad-supported basis, through a pay-per-view model or other paid basis."

Neither party has anything to loose with the alliance. But how will the pay-per-view model effect the  flow of free content that WMG currently provides to YouTube. Launch and dozens of free music sites?  And what content does WMG Brightcovethink people will pay for when so much is available for free?

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Friday October 27th, 2006

Walmart_frown- The Eagles and Wal-Mart have formed a "strategic marketing partnership". (press release) But really, it's all about the music...

- Sony BMG gave its quarterly report to Wall Street. Revenue is flat but losses are smaller. (PDF)

- Dispatch from the Vegoose festival: "Vegoose is attracting mostly jam band fans who can be unbelievably oblivious to music outside that genre." (LA Times blog)

- Danish court tells ISP's to block access to controversial download site allofmp3.com (AP)Hendrix

- Jimi Hendrix song catalog gets auctioned off for $15 million, but who really owns the music? (Reuters)

- Uncle Seth is set to play live in Toronto nightclub and simultaneously inside virtual world Second Life. (press release)

Top100cn_2- Don't miss Part 1 of Hypebot's exclusive interview with the head of leading Chinese download site Top100.cn. (here)

Exclusive Interview With CEO Of China's Download Leader Top100.cn

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PART 1 - Emerging markets are seen as huge areas of potential growth for Orchard_18the music download industry.  Piracy has slowed down some players, but digital distributor The Orchard has jumped in aggressivley cutting deals in Russia and then last month in China.  The partner there is Top100.cn and CEO Gary Chen recently granted us an exclusive inteview:

HYPEBOT: Piracy is a problem for entertainment companies doing business in China and many other countries. How does your partnership address this concern?

CHEN: Actions, actions, actions ! how many labels and copyrights owners have taken actions to stop piracy in China for the past twenty years ? Talking is easy and cheap. I suggest following actions:

Top100cn_11. "Sue the bastard"(a quote). If you find your music pirated, you get to take actions. Otherwise, no one knows that thing belong to you. It is much easier to find out who infringed your rights on internet. There are many good lawyers who want to represent you in China. Last year, John Kennedy, Chairman of IFPI lead the lawsuit against the largest illegal music search and download engine company Baidu.com (a NASDAQ listed company). This is the first serious action taken by music industry in China. A highly respected action. IFPI also warned Yahoo who also offered illegal music search and download service in China.

Chinese_flag 2. Find a good partner in China and make your music available in legit music service as soon as possible.

3. Be flexible. For an example, why not combine legal digital music retail business with legal advertising backed music service as a temporary solution to fight piracy and increase the market share of legit music sales ?

Why not make legit music available in all formats including DRM10, OMA1, OMA2, MP3, WMA, etc and make music buyers life easier especially in China?

Part II On Monday.

Flash Concerts Tour Marries Live Music And The Cell

Cigular_4Flash Concerts 2006 launches this month with free concerts in 10 cities across the United States featuring sponsored by Cingular Wireless and Sony Ericsson. This  live music series uses text messaging to notify fans of concert information and to grant admission to these free events. 

The schedule kicked off in Atlanta, GA with Yung Joc on October 8th and continues with Chingy, The Game, My Chemical Romance, Lupe Fiasco and more. Entry details and artist info can be found at www.flashconcerts06.com or at Cingular stores.

Only Months After Payola Probe Pay For Play Is Back At Radio

Radio_tower_4Will things ever change?

Just months after the major labels settled the NY payola probe, two Universal distributed labels (Blackground and the band Nickleback on Roadrunner) reportedly tried to influence chart positions by buying late night ads on NY radio that feature more than 60 seconds of the song. This practice which tricks Money_5computerized airplay reporting tools was specifically band in the recent settlement.

How NY Atty General Elliott Spitzer, the FCC and major labels react will reveal whether or not "pay for play" in the music industry is really a thing of the past or not .

And they wonder why we all get all of our music from the net?

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Thursday October 26th, 2006

- According to one analyst content is still king driving the evolution in consumer electronics. (Electronic News) Tell Hypebot hat you think.

Allofmp3_10- Russia does not seem ready to shut down controversial discount download site allofmp3.com and it's upsetting the future of global trade. (LA Times editorial) Seeing the writing on the wall allofmp3.com has been morphing into an ad supported service called MusicForMasses, but yesterday a new hack dubbed MusicForMe made these downloads totally free.  The lesson? DRM is pointless.

- Janet Jackson's boy toy Jermaine Dupree exits his post at Virgin EMI Records as Emi_40predicted. (AP via CNN)

- EMI's Parlaphone label to accept music demos online. (Yahoo!)

- Blogger ProHipHop is auctioning other hip hop industry URL's via eBay. (press release)Tower_14

- The demise of Tower Records seems to be hitting indie labels the hardest.  Many relied on the deep catalog outlets for 5-6% of all sales. (Billboard)

Coalition Of Indie Music Store Charts For 10-25-06

  • Cims_65Pos. ARTIST|TITLE

Read the full Top 200 and CIMS Newsletter After The Jump

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Music Nation Contest Draws Early Fire

Because we don't like music contests, we weren't thrilled with the launch of Clear Channel backed Music Nation's talent search promising a major label deal but demanding $25 to be considered.  Fellow bloggers including TechCrunch agree:

Musicnationlogo"Three global record labels, a group of music suits and the guy from DotComFailures spewing almost four months of ads written by Hill & Knowlton on ClearChannel for an online talent show with a $25 entry fee? Sounds like a recipe for a whole lot of cringing and backlash to me. Will they ever figure it out? The big guys should do the big guy thing (with integrity) and leave the grass roots efforts to the DIY crowd."

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Antiapple_5- Hacker DVD Jon is interviewed on his new venture that will market software that will enable vendors to "sell copy-protected songs that play on the iPod, and another that would let other devices play iTunes songs". (Fortune) Or you could try the old-school WMA to MP3 conversion tool just offered by AnalogWhole.

Billboard_touringconf- A preview of the upcoming Billboard Talent & Touring Conference and Awards Nov. 8-9 in NYC. (press release) Hypebot will be reporting live.

- Check out the cool ecard for the new WHO CD. Be prepared for a slow load.... (click)

- BitTorrent is going to market routers and storage devices that enable automatic and PC-less downloads. (engadget) If a song downloads in the woods and no computer is on; is it still illegal?

Janet_jackson_1- We're not sure we should care but...Janet Jackson's CD sales are way down (aren't everyones?) and her boyfriend Jermaine Dupree is said to be quiting his job at Virgin Records over it.  Seems strange since he helped mastermind the failing marketing plan.  Insiders know too that this is Jackson's last CD on her Virgin contract.  With diminished sales is the Janet Jackson brand strong enough to get her a strong new deal and Jermaine a new job?

- Tomorrow:  Our exclusive interview with Gary Chen, CEO of Chinese music download leader Top100.cn. Sorry for the delay.

This Week's IndieStore UK Picks

Uk_flag_2The Cadets 'Songbook'

Like the boys say, when you come from Penge in south east London the only way is indeed up. By the sounds of it, this lot are well on their way. This is corking stuff, the highlight of which is the beautiful 'Songbook' - a rich, swollen tune that is almost fit to burst. And anyone who lists Ben Folds as an influence has a pair of ears on them.


Strange Idols 'It's No Fun'

Indie pop like it was supposed to be – fizzy songwriting, jangling guitars, belting tunes. Sounding like Sophie Ellis Bextor fronting Belle & Sebastian with a healthy dose of Altered Images in the mix (very much okay by us), 'It's No Fun' is actually more fun that a wet Monday should allow.

Messengers 'Menina'

Production duo Darren Moss and Kevin Beadle have quite a pedigree with support from Mr Scruff and Giles Peterson to name but two. House with a twist, there's enough invention to keep the most discerning dancing feet happy. Soul II Soul for the 21st Century?

Billboard Press Release Wire Launches

Billboard_pubwire_logoBillboard and Vocus, Inc. today launched Billboard Publicity Wire, an entertainment and music promotion press release service.

Press releases will e indexed by major search engines and published on news and entertainment sites like Yahoo News, eMediaWire and PRWeb. They are also syndicated through more than 20,000 Billboard Publicity Wire and PRWeb RSS feeds. The service also produces and distributes podcasts that can be attached to press releases with photos and electronic media kits. Billboard Publicity Wire offers three levels of service ranging from $80 to $200 per release.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Boy Scouts Launch Respect For Copyrights Merit Badge

BoyscoutOK we respect and understand the value of music and the need for the creators to get paid for their efforts as much (maybe more) than the next guy...but an official Boy Scouts Of America Merit Badge?  Created with the help of the Motion Picture Association Of America the course of study and badge are designed to teach respect for copyright. 

No offense to the Scouts, but when did the kids that are into music start caring about what their brethren in beige shorts and scarves had to say anything?

(press release)

Indie Urban Download Site Chondo Launches

From the Chondo.net front page:

ChondoExplore the Black music revolution at Chondo.net....Discover a progressive new world made up exclusively of sermons and Black music from hip hop to neo soul; from blues to jazz; from kwaito to samba; and Blackbassisteverything in between. Purchase music MP3s for just $1 per song and sermons from some of the most prolific African American ministers for $4. Join our community of music lovers and let other Chondo.net visitors know how the music of independent artists inspires you!

So far the selection is a bit slim, but the concept is promising and a great example of the opportunities to market to niches that the net enables.

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Tuesday October 24th, 2006

Weird_al_2- Weird Al Yankovich credits the internet, free downloads from MySpace and YouTube with giving him his first top 10 hit ever. (Billboard, TechDirt)

- An interview with hot music supervisor Chop Shop's Alexandra Patsavas (O.C., Grey's Anatomy). (Hits)

- Starting today label Anti will be previewing the new Tom Waits CD. (Anti)I_pod_nano_with_hand

- On the iPod's 5th anniversary a look back at 10 iPod killers that didn't. (Forbes)

The Digital Revolution Goes Discount: Wal-Mart says it will be the low price leader in portable music players and electronics this holiday season. (Reuters) Five years ago it would have been that CD's were the loss leader, but even Wal-Mart can't compete with free.

Is the film industry following the same path to self-destruction as the record business? (Kings Of A&R)

XM On Your iPod. Sirius On Your Computer And Cell.

The lines between new media and their delivery systems continue to blur as technologies advance and consumers demand multi-function devices.

Applelogo_47Apple has filed a patent application that allows the user to tune "into a wireless signal (e.g. AM/FM radio, digital radio, or WiFi)" using either a wireless card or "the capability Xm_14to accept accessories to add the necessary functionality" according to Orbitcast and Macintosh News Network. Later in the application, Apple names XM as a possible partner. (more)

And Sirius is pushing a new online subscription service as "Sirius Internet Radio" and promising exclusive online content rather than just as an add-on to its satellite service. The company has alsoSirius_internet_radio just hired former VeriSign executive Tom Irvin who has considerable experience in ringtones and cellular furthering speculation that Sirius understands that their future does not with satellite delivery. (more)

iPod Turns 5 Today & What It All Means

Ipod_45What a difference five years makes. Apple was in danger of fading to black. The major labels were fat with dollars gained by fans converting collections to CD and all the mega-hits those $'s could buy.  Five year's ago we were all just starting to take this file sharing thing seriously.

Then came the iPod. It gave the music industry hope.  Perhaps this sexy device and it's companion iTunes could usher a profitable move towards the inevitable digital future.  With 8.7 million iPods shipped last quarter alone there is no question that Apple's 80% share is driving the market, but what has it meant for music and the new music business?

Applelogo_46In addition to making music easier to find and purchase the iPod perhaps unintentionally encourages free song sharing. You've got this big empty hard drive and your friends have cool tunes. Why not grab them?

And thanks to the iPod, the album and all of the revenues that the stakeholders shared in this $15-$19 purchase are gone forever.  How often will someone grab a few favorite tracks for 99 cents each rather than spend $10 for the album download or $15 for the CD. The result?  Record labels, publishers, retailers, and artists all make a lot less money.

Since the economic incentives are shifting towards a singles driven marketplace how can musicians and the business not be all a about one song rather than a whole career?  Will the gap between "popular music" and music as art widen as it did in the 1940's, 50's and early 60's?

Creativezenvplus_8A slew of worthy iPod competitors including Zune, SanDisk and Sony's new Walkman are here or on the way. While some may provide needed competition; none are like to fundamentally change the new paradigm that the arrival of the iPod and iTunes created five long years ago.

Change is inevitable. Band's and labels need to begin now to release songs in smaller clusters.  A constant flow of content along with a strong web presence and touring may lead to the longer careers that the previous paradigm sometimes provided.  And if we want to monetize this new shift what about selling catalog by the gigabyte to new player owners?  Enough great music to fill you Itunes_21 Nano for $50 or $100.

Only with creative action can we hope to compete with "free" and the ever change whims of the marketplace.  And get ready for the next great paradigm shift in music consumption - the cell/player hybrid with instant over-the-are content delivery. Can we even imagine what the next five years will bring?

Sources: cNet, Hollywood Reporter

Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Monday October 23rd, 2006

- More specific iPhone rumors surface. If they are half true the device seems pretty amazing. (NoHeat)

Neil_young_2- Neil Young is remixing his recent "Living With War" for a Nov 7th iTunes re-release and then adding videos for a physical re-launch Dec, 17th, (Billboard)

- Music heavy conference Digital Hollywood starts today. (DH) We'll do our best to keep you posted and would love to hear from attendees.

- The New York Times says that a lot of Rap's strength comes from localism.(more) Remember when a lot of music used to start and grow in the hinderlands?

Tower_12- New York Magazine grabs some great industry and celebrity quotes on the demise of Tower Records like this one from Moby, "...post-CD-burning and downloading, you'd go into Tower on a Saturday and see a few forlorn employees and tumbleweeds blowing by the dust-covered CDs. Sad." (NY Mag)

Major Label Seeks Web Developer

Posted late last week - "Warner Bros. Records needs a kick-ass PHP/MySQL/etc web developer for a contractor position. We need to fill this immediately. Here is what we need:

Wmg_31A cool, hip PHP programmer who doesn’t mind a loud atmosphere, chaos, lack of formal implemented systems, etc. We are a SAMP (Solaris, not Linux) shop, moving toward HUGE scale Drupal roll-out and need to get systems in place so we can produce sites rapidly. Its sometimes 5 site launches a week. Crazy talk.

We are a fully Web 2.0 compliant company, complete with AJAX, REST, RSS, podcasting, YouTube/Flickr integration, and all the rest.  This is CONTRACT looking to go Full Time very soon.  Reply to: job-222982652@craigslist.org"