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And in the Canadian market, TiBconcerts.com has quietly sewn up the concert listings landscape powering AOL Canada, Sympatico/MSN and TELUS for their concert listings content (Gives a huge voice to performing indy bands - free to submit gig listings).

Gone Tomorrow

"Muxtape came out of nowhere and has totally won the online mixtape space before it was even a category"

never mind that imeem, and project playlist have been doing this for 2 years now.
just because muxtape calls their playlists 'mixtapes' doesn't magicly create a new 'space'.
Sure it's all over the blogs, but it's still attracts less than 1% of the audience of sites like imeem, projectplaylist and last.fm

It's also going to have to deal with the same legal problems that imeem dealt with (projectplaylist/seeqpod/mixwit don't host any content themselves) and figure out how to monetize things.

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