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Thursday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Yahoo Layoffs, Motley Crue Live Nation 360, Free Radiohead Remix & Much More

Yahoo > Its been quite a week at Yahoo! Monday they rejected the Microsoft mega-offer and yesterday they began the rumored layoffs of more than 1000 including reportedly 50+ in the media group. They also paid $160 million for Maven Networks yesterday. The company, whose customers include CBS Sports, Sony BMG and TV Guide, helps web sites show video and insert ads. (SF Chronicle)

> Robin Leach (yes the "Lifestyles Of..." guy) is claiming that Motley Crue has signed a $100 million plus 360 deal with Live Nation. (LuxLife)

Radiohead_photo > Radhiohead has authorized the free release of a remix album of "In Rainbows" by Oakland's Amplive. Details plus a link to the free download via OurDigitalMusic.com. Radioheadhas also announced US tour dates.

> OmniPhone's MusicStation Max will offer unlimited downloads to the cell and reportedly has backing from all four major labels. (Crave)

> UK label trade group BPI is applauding an apparent government move to shut down the ISP accounts of file traders. (BPI)

> UK promo service FatDrop has created a system aimed at music marketers which enables promotional mp3 distribution with unobtrusive watermarking for tracking. (FatDrop)