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Bruce Warila

Great information. How do you find all this stuff? Thanks..

Bruce Houghton / Hypebot.com

Thanks. I have a massive RSS Reader list, Google alerts and great informed readers like you who tip me off.


Bruce, I've been following hypebot's feed for so long, I had no idea the look of the core site had changed. Looks good!

Thanks for the heads up comment on the additional news regarding the NYU study. Interesting stuff.



Wait a minute. Everyone already knew this right?

Justin Boland

Thanks for the PDF -- I really appreciate the brainfood.


i'd say these findings are specious at best.

i applaud the researchers for taking a pretty methodical approach toward this subject (rather than the hyperbole that is so rife in the commentary on new trends in music), but i would offer that their understanding of how albums are sold is suspect.

to wit (and i'm paraphrasing):
- "interestingly enough, almost all our our sampled albums came out on a Tuesday"
- "volume with traditional media tends peaks when records are out, while the blogs peak before an album comes out"
- "we excluded digital sales from the research" (while many albums for indies are hitting a 40-50% rate of overall sales)
- "albums by John Mellancamp and Catherine McPhee rewiewed poorly but sold well"

to their credit they do accept that their findings are not conclusive and that they should investigate other areas, further segmenting their research.

i think a useful line of inquiry would be what media delivers the best customers for labels and artists to target and to look at the overall costs it takes a label to promote in the various media vs the return. or to put a finer point on this, how much does an album being promoted on a blog lead to sales or to illegal downloads?

Nettie Hartsock

Fantastic study. Great post! I've already sent it out to several folks.

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