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Stock manipulation schemes are intended to benefit some stock owner. In the case of Brilliant, who would benefit from this price increase? Certainly not management, unless they were actually stupid enough to pull such a stunt. Knowing the SEC would easily prove their claims about the product were knowingly untrue, management would face punishment for such a scheme. Since traders were not the ones to falsely hype the product, they could not be guilty of stock manipulation either.

Steven Finch

I think Qtrax is just a company that will never work. Why would they go to all that trouble when they havent finalised anything. It will at least take them another 6 months to a year to actually complete something now. By that time, it is going to be too late.

Qtrax is a good idea.. but it is not done right, no ipod compatibility, pc only.. the list goes on.. they will be in the DEAD POOL in a year!

dwayne hoobler

wow, another uninformed parrot repeating what they read somewhere else. i'll say this once, listen up. there is no way that anyone would F with the SEC over 3 cents in one of the most higly publicized OTC offerings in years. get a clue, get a grip...stand your stapler up on end, then smash your forehead into it. you are a wast of space.

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