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Burst Labs

Seth Godin is one of the reasons we scrapped our first licensed music product and waited a year to build a "Purple Cow" (something worth talking about in GodinSpeak).

We also dug his manifesto and used it as a challenge and launching pad for 2008... As we mention in our post on the topic, another great book to inspire and challenge all of us in the music industry is Jim Collins' Good To Great.

Marc Cohen

I don't know. To me Godin has produced a list of platitudes without substance. They are less helpful to the music industry than the suggestion to buy low and sell high.

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jason helander

Absolutely NOTHING new here to digest...Seth has jumped the shark.


The misplaced idea that copyrights are now part of the public domain is pure nonsense. Inevitably the abusers will become the abused; it is only a matter of time before the ISPs start policing the traffic passing through their information pipelines.
The day of wine and roses, petty theft and grand larceny will shortly be a thing of the past. Has the established record business handled change well? Clearly not. Can it make back what it has lost? Doubtful. Music publishers and collectives will, however, become the new power brokers.
As for micro-marketing, it works to some degree, but like any small business, there's a growth curve followed by a decline unless one is smart enough to understand that audiences/customers are fickle and one needsto expand one's horizon(s).

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