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Captain Wrong

Is anyone honestly shocked that this is anchored by ten tons of DRM? Anyone surprised that UMG is betting on a dead horse? Wow, what a non starter this is.

Honestly, I hope UMG puts all their eggs in this basket. I'd love to see them cease production of physical media and go solely to this joke of an idea. I'd give them eight months, a year tops, before they finally bite the big one.

Oh, and the UMG classical thing from yesterday...yeah, interesting. Let's take a genre where sales are lowest and people are most likely to turn their nose up at compressed audio and digital downloads, offer no lossless and price it higher than the physical media. I'm sure this is just what the doctor ordered to save the industry!

Captain Obvious

So it's not good enough that UMG is sharing their music with Nokia customers for free -- it's also gotta be DRM-free-for-life too or it's DOA?

Doug Morris has got to be the most patient executive on Earth.

Bob Brown

Well one thing is for sure and that is that the music isn't free. Presumably the price of the Nokia Phone will go up. I wouldn't buy an mp3 player that kept the music locked up and I sure won't pay extra for a cell phone that does it. I really don't care what Universal or the other major labels do. I'm sick of them and 90 percent of what I listen to these days is from Indie labels. It's DRM free and I can play it on any device I like.

Captain Wrong

@Capt'n O: Thanks. I needed that laugh.

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