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Marc Cohen

Bruce -

I think you are a few months off - 2008 will be the breakthrough year for DRM-free music.

As I write in this post in my blog - it won't make a bit of difference for recorded music sales.



Captain Wrong

The sad thing is, this has nothing to do with the industry waking up and realizing they are on the wrong side of history or trying to give people what they want (or what the biz thinks they want) or any kind of real change of heart. This is all about besting Apple, plain and simple.

Assuming they can do it, then what?

I'm not a huge Apple fan, but I like the sort of checks and balances the iTunes Music Store has provided. DRM may be off the table now, until they can pass Apple by. Assuming they can, who is to say it won't return on down the road?

Bruce Houghton / Hypebot

Thanks for your comments below. I think you're both right.

Most labels are not making this move to DRM free for the right reasons and it won't mean a big bump in sales.

I believe the real value DRM free and universal compatibility is that it opens up the floodgates for many more innovations in distribution and marketing. 2008 at should be an interesting year.

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