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Marc Cohen

RCRD LBL is trying to be too many things: a music blog, a social network, a music provider and a record label. I am afraid it won't do any of these well. If advertising is paying the bills it must be, first and foremost, an advertising company -and it is not. It's advertising model is fatally flawed.

Check out the Ad-Supported Music Central blog:

Ethan Bauley

Pretty interesting.

The musical choices and brand choices are hip. That's good because it gives them some credibility...I can't really discern whether they are trying to be a tastemaker or what. Including Turntablelab certainly gives it that slant. But of course, I will always just, ya know, surf Turntablelab.com.

It's an mp3 blog giving away sanctioned promo mp3's. It's tough to imagine it really scaling. Unless they want to make all the readers into mp3 bloggers themselves, blah blah


I love the whole "2.0" thing - I'm gonna start calling my kid Jake 2.0 - 'cos after all - it was me that provided the "content" - so to speak!

I'd have loved to check out rcrdlbl but the site seems to be struggling - Oooops - nothing like underestimating the traffic.

Here's my thing - this sounds like a distribution model - not a record label - I still believe that record labels should be involved in artist development - and that's a loose expression for money - money to pay the band to quit their day jobs, to tour, to eat, to pay for expertise, etc, etc.

It's one thing to set up shop with a roster of existing bands - but it'll be interesting to see if they can actually become a label rather than one of a million online destinations with a message board and a cool widget!

Captain Wrong

First commentator nails it.

I'd also like to add I almost got a seizure from the flickering of all the damn widgets re-loading every time I hit a new page. I realize I'm getting old and am probably past the target age group, but man, there was so much going on there I felt I'd flashed back to a GeoCities page circa 1997.

I didn't see much that made me want to come back. Probably not for me anyway.

Bruce Houghton / Hypebot

I just posted a follow up piece with your comments included. Thanks and keep 'em coming.

Mr. Beans

I found this page searching to find out who owns RCRDLBL. There are so many advertisements on it that I find it inherently untrustworthy. Puma, Nikon, and Virgin all have their own "widgets." While I love the fact that they are offering free legal mp3s to pretty good bands and links to songs and interesting music news, It looks to me like a new corporate attempt to co-opt indie rock. If it grew in popularity, I would fully expect it to start offering good reviews, news stories and song posts to bands from their corporate sponsors, selling those bands as cool. I am sure it will catch on with a certain number of people but I think others are going to be turned off by the corporate nature of it. Personally, the site makes me feel more like a target than a seeker of good music. I'll be interested to see what happens with it.

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