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an ad is now a 'friend' on myspace....
now it will be MySpace with the blackeye


Good to see some new music models which look as if they have a chance to succeed while the frog croaks.


We've just been discussing this 'new models' thing over at http://newmusicstrategies.com . What's been really interesting for me is the conviction with which different people have been claiming that different methodologies are THE new model...

BILLBill Houghton

The latest attempts at new music distribution are to give music away free, but it's a fallacious business strategy, whether SpiralFrog, Qtrax or Baidu in China. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable from a cost/revenue perspective, and counterproductive to the music retail market. The digital ad industry is simply not big enough to support the digital music industry.

Digital music market is now at $30 billion and rising (including illegal downloads). While digital advertising is only at $20 billion and slowing.

There's an excellent analysis at Brooding Savage blog.

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