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iLike Provides Details Of Expanded Cross-Platform Marketing Tools

UPDATED: Yesterday music-based social networker iLike made marketing music via a multitude of social network and web sites a lot easier with new services that enable single source updating.

  • Ilike_2 "pre-created" pages for 160,000+ artists, so that the artist doesn't have to go through the hassle of uploading all their content to create yet another new band profile
  • opened a "Universal Artist Dashboard" so an artist can control their presence across many channels from single place - i.e post a new concert and reach fans across, Facebook, iTunes/WMP desktops and thanks to Google's OpenSocial soon Bebo, orkut, MySpace, Friendster and scores of other sites
  • launched new apps for Facebook Pages including Songs, Concerts,and iCast

Late yesterday, we asked iLike spokesperson Emily Glassman for more details:

Hypebot: When do you expect to add MySpace and other OpenSocial sites?
Glassman: Coming soon. We will make individual press announcements in the future, providing launch dates and more details.
Hypebot: What is the cost of The Dashboard to artists and labels?
Glassman: These services with remain free to artists and labels.
Glassman: "We’ve (also) started an autoupdate for all of our iTunes/Windows Media Player Sidebar users which will add an “Artists” tab to the Sidebar. This new functionality will display a users music newsfeed inside of their Sidebar, providing frequent bulletins about a user’s favorite artists...It’s a simple and convenient way to find out if an artist you like has added new tour dates, (etc)..."