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We Now Interrupt The Music For...Blog Action Day

Blog_action_dayUPDATE: More than 15,000 blogs with 12 million plus readers are participating in Blog Action Day. Check out some of the posts from our friends at the B5 blog network compiled by

On October 15th bloggers pledged to stop blogging about whatever it is we usually write about for a minute and blog about the environment.  Many - including this blog and our sister blogs OurDigitalMusic and TheRockDose - will also donate 100% of revenue generated today to an environmental charity. (Greenpeace) It's a token sum that I promise to add to personally, but imagine if everyone did it.

Too much has been written about the importance of preserving the planet we spend our lives on for me to add anything of significance.  But here are a few workplace and music industry Green resources that I have found useful:


  • A list of questions every band should ask their label about environmental impact (Word document)
  • Air Traffic Control's links to Green touring resources and more
  •'s  "How To Green Your Work"
  • Learn how much better downloading is vs. CD's.
  • But don't think your iPod is all that Green either.
  • M.U.S.E - Musicians United To Save The Environment