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Tuesday's Music 2.0 Briefing: Radiohead $, HypeMachine Back, Court Action & More

Radiohead_diy >>> Radiohead download payments are averaging in the $5-$8 range according to new estimates. (Listening Post)

>>> Mp3 blog said Hype Machine wouldn't relaunch until 10,000 visitors were on their site but had to settle for 3800. (CommonSensePR) Regardless of the minor mis-step, the new format is pretty clean and nifty.

>>> The appeal in the recent high profile RIAA vs. MI Mom case will focus on the "unconstitutionally excessive" $220K judge rather than the judges instructions to the Legal jury as most had believed. (ars)

>>> A judge ruled against a company that creates software that allows ticket brokers to scam the Ticketmaster computers and grab the best seats. (Billboard)

Concert_ticket >>> Meanwhile ticket reseller StubHub has opened a retail outlet in Times Square. (NY Times)

>>> Dozens of artists and smaller independent labels involved in Save Internet Radio have called on SoundExchange to quickly offer royalty rate proposals that will enable Internet radio to survive and build a sustainable industry. (Full text after the jump.)

The following statement was released today on behalf of independent artists and labels supporting the SaveNetRadio campaign:

"Our music has found a home, an audience, and a fan base online, and particularly through Internet radio.  Internet radio is one of the great music discovery tools for fans of all artists and all genres.  In addition to promoting our music Internet radio pays royalties -- a great combination.

"It has been several months since thousands of artists and millions of Internet radio fans called on Congress to help, and yet we appear to be no further toward a permanent solution now than we were then.  The uncertainty of Internet radio's future harms artists and independent labels as we prepare tour schedules and album promotions for 2008.  Net radio is a significant part of our marketing strategies, but that seems to be lost in the continuing fight over royalties.

"We like being paid for Internet radio performances, but we benefit from high royalty rates only if net radio services can afford to stream our music. If services are bankrupted by high royalties, they play no music and pay no royalties -- and we lose.  As the intended beneficiaries of sound recording performance royalties, we reject this outcome.  We urge SoundExchange, on behalf of the independent artists and labels they represent to find a reasonable and lasting solution as soon as possible."

  List of artists and labels:

  James Austin                           Melissa Greener
  White Pine, TN                         Austin, TX

  Bob McDonald                           Family Junction
  Boynton Beach, FL                      Boston, MA

  Amy England                            Steph Deskins
  Nantucket, MA                          Belle, West Virginia

  Steve Stern                            Rene Lebre
  Goodlettsville, TN                     Tampa, Florida

  Randy Howard                           Mophonics
  Calhoun, GA                            Los Angeles, CA

  Joey Allcorn                           Soapbox Hero
  Columbus, GA                           Santa Paula, CA

  Paul Knowles                           Nate Query (The Decemberists)
  Berkeley, CA                           Portland, OR

  Jim Bruno                              Eyeball Records
  Daly City, CA                          Ridgewood, New Jersey

  Duane Stailey                          Desert Paradise Records
  Leonard, TX                            White Pine, TN

  Maggie Martin                          Saustex Media
  Petaluma, CA                           San Antonio, TX

  Effron White                           Fillee Music
  Fayetteville, AR                       Lubbock, TX

  Wink                                   Big Barn Records
  Keziah, NC                             Berkeley, CA

  Harry                                  Sticker Freak Records
  Bodine, TX                             Fayetteville, AR