New Music Business Week In Review: Amazon Launches, Yahoo! Music Shrinks, WMG Tumbles & Much More
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New Music Business Briefing: Yahoo! Music And SpiralFrog Upates & Much More

>>> Make sure you didn't miss anything important with Hypebot's New Music Business Week In Review.

Yahoo_music >>> Yahoo! Music is reportedly laying off staff amidst slowing growth rates and even declining numbers on most of Yahoo's sites. And  AllThingsDigital has a an inside look at a  Friday meeting for  300 Yahoo! senior staffers which included a motivational speech by Steve Jobs and  a promise to open up Yahoo! more to outside developers ala Facebook.Spiral_frog_hand

>>> SpiralFrog's founder Joe Mohen talks about the difficulties in launching the ad supported music service. "It's like going to General Motors and convincing them to give away the cars for free, in return for half the gas money," he said. "This was not an easy undertaking." (Globe & Mail via Coolfer)

>>> Still no responseslow from SpiralFrog on their part in Hypebot's own mini poll fixing scandal...Spiral Frog vs. WE7.

>>> Stay tuned this week for our counter point to Marc Cohen's guest blog last week on Why Amazon Will Do Nothing To Help The Music Business and the last two parts of our Top 100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips.