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Ticketmaster and Live Nation Unlikely To Renew Deal

Ticketmaster "... we now believe it is doubtful we will extend our agreement when it expires at the end of 2008. Live Nation has been a valued client for a very long time and we believe we've taken every reasonable step possible to facilitate a renewal, but they seem intent on a direction for their business that leaves us no viable way to work together."

In recent months Live Nation has been expanding its ticketing options with the purchase of MusicToday and an online push to have more direct contact with fans. The company alos own several smaller ticketingLivenation221205 services like NEXT in New England. In the end, the split is as much about the control of consumer data and developing a more direct relationship with the fans as it is about the $100-$150 million per year earned in Tickermaster fees for Live Nation Events.

Live Nation accounts for 15-17% of Tickermaster's $1billIon yearly revenue.  Concert goers fans don't care who they buy their tickets from, but there could be backlash if Live Nation chooses to pocket the ticket fees rather passing some savings on to consumers.