Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 for Week Ending 04-22-07
Good News For Apple Means Bad News For Music

New Music Business Briefing: ASCAPs Greed Checked, AOL To India, MusicNet Wants Cash & More

Legal >>> GREED LOOSES ROUND 1 - A federal judge has ruled that there was no validity to ASCAP's assertion that downloads should carry a performance royalty as well as a payment for the mechanical rights.

Aol >>> AOL has launched a portal for India and refreshed its internal music offering across continents.

>>> MusicNet who provides the downloads for Zune, Urge and others is rumored to be asking labels for a surcharge for handling large catalogs. (Coolfer)

Other >>> NYC's hip retailer Other Music has launched it's indie download store.

>>> Spinal Tap has reunited to fight global climate change.  Somehow I feel safer...

Mouse >>> WORTHY CLICK: Idiomag is a very promising UK based online music/lifestyle magazine with cool format.  Content can be customized to fit your taste.  Worth checking out.