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» hypebot: EMI Offers Entire Catalog DRM Free from Matt MacQueen
The typical locked-in digital music DRM user experiences were so user-hostile, music fans knew this had to happen (but it was a question of when and who.) hypebot: EMI Offers Entire Catalog DRM Free “Our goal is to give consumers the best possible d... [Read More]

» Apple EMI Deal from Digital Music Frontier
By now, almost everyone has heard the news that Apple and EMI have reached a deal to put EMI's entire catalog on the iTunes Music Store DRM-free (DRM-free! I repeat, DRM-free!), so I will just say a few things about it. [Read More]

» EMI/iTunes DRM Drop | Some Additional Thoughts from Live Music Blog
So because I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to all this digital music stuff, I wanted to follow-up on yesterday’s big iTunes/EMI news. If you missed it, there’s been a ton of blog chatter about it. But... [Read More]

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