Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Monday February 12th, 2007
New Details Emerge On Broadband Instruments' Player And Store

Beatles To Be Available Via Download

Fox News' Robert Friedman is reporting :

Beatles_logo_12 "The Beatles songs — all of them — will be offered for downloading soon. That’s what Neil Aspinall, the head of Apple Corps Ltd. and the man who’s protected the Beatles legacy for the last 40 years — told me over the weekend."

“All 13 core albums, the ones originally released on CD in 1987, have been remastered," Aspinall told me. "At some point they will all be released, probably at the same time.” (Fox News via Coolfer)

Will iTunes get it first? Or will some other service pay an advance to a struggling EMI for bragging rights?  Is it possible that the Beatles catalog could even go straight from unavailable to DRM-free mp3's via Amazon?  Stay tuned...