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There's also MP3 stores which let labels choose prices and bitrates:

Bruce Houghton

Thanks for your comment Harry. Can Hypebot readers help us create a definitive list of sites that offer mp3 downloads and/or variable pricing.

For starters:



Snocap is not necessarily MP3 only. The artist can choose to post MP3s or WMA files with DRM. It's just that they're all choosing MP3.

Steven Vance

I just opened a download store on Stolen Mix Tape where any and all musicians can upload music and sell by song or by album. No software is required (just a web browser). The system accepts PayPal and credit cards (through PayPal) and purchases are instantly available to download after payment.

The fee to musicians is quite low, the system is easy to use, and I designed and built it myself.

Musicians can get started here:

All songs (free or $) are listed here:


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