eMusic Snags Victory Downloads
Hypebot's New Music Business Briefing For Monday October 30th, 2006

Part II Of Q&A With CEO Of Chinese Download Leader Top100

As CEO of Top100.CN Gary Chen recently cut a groundbreaking deal with digital distributor The Orchard to make their massive catalog available in the emerging Chinese market.

HYPEBOT: Because The Orchard's content is so large and diverse with songs representing a variety of genres, lifestyles, and opinions, are you filtering the content available in China to meet government regulations?

CHEN: We are going to launch a International Music Channel with Orchard in China.We believe in long tail theory here. People are different. They want to discover new music Top100cn_3all the times and we want to make their music discovery easier. In China, we are talking about 400 million mobile subscribers and 100 million internet users. We are selling to 500 different group of people with each group of one million people. This will be a great culture exchange project and people here will gradually appreciate it. And Chinese government support such a project.

Plus, please help us to clarify one more time. We do not have Beatles for download in our website. Orchard_19 Just log on our website and you will find Chinese introduction of all great musicians like Beatles. But when you click the track, it says clearly it is not available for download. It is totally legal to introduce any musician and tell a story about them. do not understand why one or two international journalist say so in their article. Do they really care about the copyright protection in China and want to support a legit music service company like us in China ?

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