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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PART II: Orchard's Scholl Talks About Working With Russia To Curb Piracy & AllOfMp3

Last week Greg Scholl, the President and CEO of digital distributor The Orchard sent an open letter outlining initiatives to bring "legitimate electronic commerce" to Russia.  In Part II of our exclusive interview, Scholl talks about working with Russia and comments Orchard_9on controversial Russian download site

Hypebot: Others have been very critical of Russia's slow response to piracy. But in your open letter you say that you are "encouraged" by efforts and "applaud Russia for providing incentives for foreign investment". What have you learned that others seem to be missing?

Scholl: There are two approaches to engaging with others: unilateral saber-rattling and aggressive rhetoric, and constructive dialog toward jointly developed goals that are in the interests of both parties. I think looking around the world today, the former approach hasn’t really done much for its Orchards_scholl proponents, be it at the geopolitical level or simply from the standpoint of trying to discern the logic of suing one’s customers and fans (i.e. the RIAA/Avril Lavigne situation).

By working closely with copyright owners and government authorities in Russia through our office in Moscow, we have found that many people in our industry and in the ranks of government share our commitment to a fair, open, and legal digital marketplace. While it’s true that piracy remains a major challenge in Russia, and that certain forces within the Russian government have not responded as quickly or as favorably to this challenge as we would like, we firmly believe that by cultivating legal channels in a constructive way, and remaining engaged in positive dialog toward shared goals with the Russian government, we are moving in the right direction and hopefully setting a good example for the rest of the industry.

HYPEBOT - What is your opinion on the British recording industry's lawsuit Allofmp3_5against Russian AllOf

SCHOLL - is an illegal service that hurts artists, labels and the industry, and we support the BPI’s efforts to shut it down, full stop.

Read Part 1 here.    Tomorrow - What's Ahead For The Orchard.